Five Ways to Improve Your Memory

College students make decisions between sleep, social activates, studying, and relaxing. It is hard to determine which of these activities, should be top priority. One way to make the decision easier is by helping the brain, by improving your memory. Five Tips to improve the brain’s memory is: 1. Chunk or regroup information, 2.repeat new information or tasks, 3. exercise the body and brain, 4. eating healthier and 5. sleep.These tips can naturally improve a humans ability to remember information or mechanical skills.

1. Chunking

-To Chunk information means to categorize information so that it is simpler to remember. When information is grouped together, the brain has a tendency to remember more information because of its association.  For example, when making a shopping list for dinner group the items by department. Label the category meat and under that heading would be the types of meat needed. Chunking information and items is also beneficial for remembering passwords. 41.4 percent of college students use the same variation of one password for their personal and social accounts. Using the same password can place accounts at a higher risk of being hacked. In a study done by Bonneau and Schechter, showed a positive correlation of chunking passwords verses remembering them. 88 percent of students remembered their new passwords better then the old ones.

2. Repetition

-Repetition is one of the simplest ways to learn new information, it is one of the first ways a human learns how to speak. By going over information everyday, it will expand your knowledge and allow you to communicate with other people. Not only does repetiton benefit college students and their school work but also with social skills. Networking in college is important because people cannot predict others future. To make a good first impression, know the other parties name. At first introduction remember the receivers name by repeating their name. After the receiver tells the sender their name repeat it back to ensure accuracy. This leaves the sender with a positive impression, of how the receiver is detail orientated.

3. Exercise

-A daily workout allows the body to wake up, get energized and relax the brain muscles for the day ahead. During a workout, the physical activity gets the blood pumping throughout the body. By allowing blood into the brain it raises the oxygen levels in the brain decreasing writers block and helps information flow throughout the brain. Also exercise the brain by playing memory games and quizzes. With today technologies memory games are just a click away with apps.

4. Eat Right

-There are many foods that can help enhance brain and memory function, such as oatmeal, blue berries, and figs. Figs are a good source of iron, magnetism, fiber, and calcium by increasing these few foods in a regular diet can improve a humans memory. Also a high energy diet, such as cinnamon, apples, and nuts will keep the brain active for long periods of time allowing the chance to gain more information. High energy diet will allow the mind to focus on more tasks throughout the day. A bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and apples for breakfast, can benefit the brains ability to function allowing more memories to be created. By creating new memories it will allow the brain to place more information into the long term memory.


It is important for college students to sleep. Teachers/professors always say get a good night’s rest before a test, to improve your score. By having a relaxed mind it will help the brain focus an relax for class. It is easier to remember information if the environment is similar to the one it was acquired in. When humans sleep, the body shuts down to relax for a new day but the brain keeps working. Since the brain knows that this information will be needed soon it works harder to remember that information. This is called intention superiority effect, knowing that you will need the information will cause the brain to remember it. Not only will the body feel rejuvenated but so will the mind.

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27 thoughts on “Five Ways to Improve Your Memory

  1. My favorite is sleep, I agree with everything else but I consider sleep the most important to improve your memory. It is an essential need especially for everyone but mostly college students who are always up late studying and working their butts off to get an A.

    1. Right , like nights before a test , you try to ensure that the information is burned in your brain. But it’s actually not as helpful as we thought .

  2. I think that repetition is a very good way to study and remember material. When I study for exams I always go over the same thing over and over until its burned into my memory. I also agree that a good diet and sleep schedule is essential to having a good memory.

  3. Writing things down (with blue ink) is the best way I memorize notes. I heard somewhere blue ink is best for memorization. Remembering names can be tough for me. Great advice: repeating others’ names early and often to help put the name to the face.

    1. This is actually an interesting fact. I wouldn’t have correlated different ink colors and the mind but it makes sense.

  4. Cool facts! I had no clue that good and healthy food helped you brain and memory function. This is something I am gonna try out on my own.

  5. Wow so many different things impact memory that I was unaware of. Some really good tips to consider especially while studying for school.

  6. I thought this was a very interesting topic and I look to try chunking to help improve memory.

  7. Especially as college students sleep and healthy eating are crucial. I think these facts are overlooked and an emphasis isn’t placed on them. Thank you for reminding us how important eating and sleeping are to our memory. I had no idea about the intention superiority effect– I feel like my brain forgets during the most important times.

  8. The information given in this listicle provides very beneficial tips for a healthy mind. This listicle is certainly useful and it taught me about the term ‘chunking.’

  9. I use the chunking method all the time. I have a different password for everything, and honestly this is the only reason I remember them all.

  10. Many individuals say that eating right and gaining the proper amount of sleep is the best way to improve your memory as you age. Others say that there are specific foods that will help you with that as well. Great job in providing awesome information!

    1. Thank you, I think it is a combination of them both. Like there are certain food that can help but a healthy diet can benefit the brain more.

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