7 Ways Riding A Bike To Work Is Beneficial

Driving to work can be costly. Most of the society that we live in revolves around transportation though. A lot of our priorities revolve around transportation. Vehicles have become very useful in today’s world but although they have their advantages, their disadvantages are starting to become more noticeable. Climate change is becoming more of a concern, among other issues. Driving a car is a huge trigger to the pollution that is accumulated into the atmosphere, there are multiple costs that are associated with driving a car, there’s safety issues, traffic, and there are so many more disadvantages. It seems as if there are more advantages. In order for us to tackle some of these issues, lets take a look at some of the different ways that riding a bike to work can be beneficial. We’ll start by talking about how biking is cheaper than driving and all the way down to why biking is healthier than driving a vehicle. Not all advantages will be listed in this listicle but this’ll give you a good idea of why riding a bike to work is so beneficial.

  1. Cheaper than driving

The cost of owning a car in 2016 was $8,558. This is a six-year low and the cause is due to falling gas prices. Still though if you think about it, it takes around $300 to take care of your bike per year, which is essentially 30 times less than an owning a vehicle.


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 2. Helps our economy

Riding a bike generates savings in many ways. You save roughly $0.42 for every mile you bike. Other ways biking to work helps our economy include public health, security, and traffic infrastructure.


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3. Cuts down on health care costs

Health care costs are affected by riding your bike to work because riding a bike in turn makes you healthier which saves everyone money on health care costs. 30 minutes of riding your bike a day saves you $544/year.


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4. Reduces emissions

Riding a bike causes zero air pollution. It is said that riding your bike to work decreases household emissions by 6%. About half of Americans live at least 5 miles from where they work. In England, if all commutes that are within 5 miles were made by a bike, that would save around 44,000 tonnes of CO2 every week.


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5. Helps support local businesses

You are more likely to go to stores that in your local area while riding your bike. This allows local businesses to gain a profit off of bicyclists which is essentially beneficial.

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6. Saves lives

About 33,000 people die every year from car crashes. 667 die from riding a bike which is a significantly lower rate than driving a car. If you choose to ride a bike rather than drive, you could contribute to preventing up to 1,100 deaths.


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7. Healthier

Biking will eventually help you increase your self esteem and confidence. You’ll work most of your muscles and the more regular you make this a routine, the more healthy you will feel in the long run. People who suffer from insomnia were asked to ride a bike for 20-30 minutes throughout the day. The result of this helped the people who suffer from insomnia to fall asleep quicker by half the amount of time it normally took. The results also showed that the insomnia sufferers would stay asleep for an hour or more longer throughout their sleep. There are plenty of other ways biking to work is beneficial in terms of health.

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Now that we have gone over some of the reasons riding a bike to work is beneficial, how do you feel? Has this listicle changed your opinion on whether you should be driving your car to work or not? Are you close enough to where you can start riding your bike to work? Are you ready to make an impact on yourself and the society you live in? These are some questions that you can ponder now that you have more information on how riding a bike to work is beneficial. It’s safe to say riding a bike to work rather than driving a vehicle is more beneficial although it is understandable that not everyone is able to do so. Maybe it is time for you to reconsider your daily routine. This could benefit you in the long haul.

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27 thoughts on “7 Ways Riding A Bike To Work Is Beneficial

  1. Every point here is spot on. I haven’t ridden my bike in quite some time now, but deep down I know that it is the most beneficial way to get around. It would be perfect before school because it would give me that much needed wake up energy that can only be obtained from a workout. I think that office buildings and work places in general should do more to accommodate cyclists. Maybe they could add more bike holders or lanes.

  2. Living in the city riding a bike around is the best. As you stated many benefits that i would have to agree with like being healthier. After a bike ride I feel much better.

  3. I agree with all these points even though I haven’t rode a bike in a while this motivates me to start again.

  4. The fact that you can reduce the deaths of car crashes by more than 75% by just riding a bike to work or even anywhere is absolutely incredible. I ride my bike mostly in the summer time to work out and stay in shape of course. All these other reasons I totally agree with too. Really like this listicle!

  5. I completely agree with ‘green’ forms of transportation. I personally enjoy getting around on my skateboard, not the same as biking, but the same idea!

  6. makes me want to start riding. I always wanted to do it on a regular basis but never got to it. I like how it supports local business and how it reduces emissions. good job on your topic

  7. I think this is a great topic because I am trying to ride my bike whenever I have the possibility to do so. There is a lot of arguments in favor for riding your bike, its to bad that not everyone agrees and can see that.

  8. I think this is beneficial till the winter, have you ever tried to ride a bike in the snow. I seen it and it does not look fun.

  9. I wish that I lived closer to the destinations I have to get to each day. There are definitely so many great reasons why riding a bike is a better alternative than driving a car. Great job!

  10. I looked back over this listicle and the fact that it has a economical and environmental good impact on the world, it is absolutely crazy to me still.

  11. I love riding my bike. I used to ride it to school and it makes total sense to ride it to work. Saves a ton of money.

  12. I wish that I lived somewhere that I could ride my bike year round! I think more people should consider riding a bike… America could be much healthier.

  13. If only Cleveland had the weather to be able to ride a bike year long. The problem in America is that you literally need a car to get anywhere. 50% of our time is spent in the car getting from point a to point b. Many of these distances can’t be traveled by bike.

  14. Riding a bike around certainly has its benefits. I once saw our instructor leaving campus on a bike while wearing heels, so I bet she approves of this listicle.

  15. One thing I will say is that companies have to start lowering the prices on some of these bikes. To get a decent one you have to spend almost hundreds of dollars. There are a few mountain bikes that arent as pricey but they don’t match up to the durability of the nicer ones

  16. it actually a great things because riding a bike is fun although the bikes in downtown could be more like mountain bikes for a nice and sporty ride

  17. I think being able to commute on your bike is an awesome way of transportation especially in major cities. Not only does it lower the risk in air quality due to the growing rate of vehicles but it is also a very healthy lifestyle for people.

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