8 Reasons Social Media Can Benefit Business

 The Internet has grown very rapidly and is now used by about 40% of people in the world. According to Internetlivestats.com, less than one percent of the world population used the Internet in 1995 and now in 2017 there is over 3.5 billion people using the Internet. Social media is a great tool for pleasure, finances, business, communication, and much more. In the past few years, social media has become extremely popular and used by millions of people. Social media is mainly used for connecting with friends or entertainment but it can also be a very useful tool for business. Some of the most popular social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On these websites you can create an account, either public or private, and message people, post pictures, comment on other people’s posts, advertise, and much more. Social media is a great way to inform people about your company and get connected with your customers. Here are eight reasons why companies should be using social media.


1.) Technology and Social Media on The Rise.

The use of technology around the world today is higher than it ever has been before. Almost everyone in the world uses some sort of technology to connect to the Internet.According to PewResearch, 79% of Internet users use Facebook, 32% use Instagram, and 24% use Twitter. Obviously Facebook is the most popular social media platform so that is what most companies use. The amount of people using these social media platforms makes it a great way to get your company noticed by a lot of people.


2.) Provide Information About The Company.

On each of these social media platforms there is a section made for you to add a description of the page. This is a good because people may have heard of the company’s name but not know anything about what they do. The company can also include their phone number, address, business hours, and locations. When they go to your company’s page they should see everything they need to know.


3.) Promote by Using Advertisements.

Every social media platform offers ways for companies to advertise. If a company pays for an advertisement, it is going to be posted by the website itself so everyone using it will be forced to see your ad. This will increase business because a lot of people will now know your company and what it is all about when they may have previously had no idea about it. The price differs for each ad, but according to Facebook, “some people spend more money on coffee each day than they do their ad campaigns.”


4.) Posting Special Offers.

Posting special offers or coupons on social media good for two reasons. The first reason is that more people will buy your products if they have a discount. Customers are always going to buy the product from your company if it is cheaper than anywhere else. The second reason is that more people will follow your social media page if they can get discounts and in return will make more people notice the company.


5.) Announcements and News

It is so easy to connect with your customers on social media, which makes it a great way to let everyone
know about any changes made to the company. This can include a new product being released, changes to the prices, new locations opening, holiday hours, etc. This may not seem that important but the customers will appreciate knowing what is going on in the company.


6.) Customer Service.

Costumer service is a critical part of any business because the most important thing is to keep the
customers happy. According to Oracle.com, 89% of customer’s say they would switch to a competitor is they felt the customer service was poor. It is very annoying having to call or email a company’s customer service whenever there is a complaint. Social media makes it very convenient because it is all in one place, every customer gets to see the complaint and how the company will respond, and no one will be put on hold like a phone call. It is also good for answering questions the customers might have because there might be other people who are wondering the same thing.


7.) Taking Feedback.

Anyone is able to post on the company’s social media page so it is a great way to take feedback from the customers. They can write things that they like about what the company is doing or things that they think the company should change. This is nice because the best way to keep a business strong is by making the customers happy.


8.) Employment Opportunities.

There isn’t many effective ways to let people know that a company is hiring today. Posting an ad in the newspaper is what a lot of companies do, but not as many people read the newspaper anymore.
And posting a sign on the building is another way companies are searching for help, but that will only be seen by the people walking past. Finally, posting an ad on social media will be more effective because of the extreme amount of people who use it. You can also make it so the applicants can send in their resumes straight through your page making it a lot easier on both sides.




After reading these surprising facts about how a company can use social media to their advantage, I think you can see that there is no reason a company should not use it. There is no down side to using social media for business, it can only help promote and grow the company.

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  1. Great listicle and very informative. Another nice thing about the feedback is that potential customers can see exactly how the company handles any problems that may arise.

  2. Well researched.
    I agree, social media is extremely important in today’s time, not just for business but for pretty much everything.
    Great listicle.

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