Top Five Highest Paid NBA Players

The National Basketball League is one of the most entertaining spectacles in America, as entertaining as it is, it also ranks as one of the highest paying sports. In our country, professional sports are a huge part of most people’s pastime. The income of players is very large, throw in sponsorships and promotions and you have a goldmine. As much as many people appreciate professional sports for the rush and the history and tradition of the sport, at the end of the day it must be realized that the pro sports industry is a business. Regardless of who wins or loses, who scores the most points in a game, or who the best player is, everyone involved in the sport whether it be staff or roster is making vast amounts of money. Now do not be fooled by the last statement, there is a significant difference in pay for superstars compared to bench players or role players. I am going to highlight the top seven highest paid contracts In the National Basketball League starting with the highest paid player’s contract. The amounts of money listed will only be contract amounts not including sponsorships, shoe deals and other ways that players earn massive amounts of money.

  1. LeBron James – $30,963,450

  • LeBron James has been basketballs poster boy since 2003 with his explosive playing style and outstanding performances on the court.
  • LeBron has a sponsorship with Nike and has other methods of income with his top selling shoes and clothing line.
  • LeBron is considered, next to Michael Jordan the Greatest Player in History. This is well known by all basketball fans providing good reason as to why he holds the largest salary.
  • 13x All Star
  • 3x Lg Champ
  • 6x All-Defensive
  • 12x All-NBA
  • 2003-04 All-Rookie
  • 2x AS MVP
  • 3x Finals MVP
  • 4x MVP
  • 2003-04 ROY


2.  Mike Conley – $26,540,100

  • Played for The Ohio State University in college with his elite play in college he was able to be drafted to the NBA.
  • Being second on the list is surprising to many due to the fact that Conley is not on the same skill level as other superstars whose statistics are much better.
  • Mike Conley does not have any shoe deal or clothing deal with any major sporting brands.
  • PPG- 19.2
  • APG- 6.2
  • FG%- .439


 3. Al Horford – $26,540,100

  • Al Horford started playing in 2007 with the Atlanta Hawks and has been a decent player on his team and is in the elite level with many of the other superstars in his position.
  • Al Horford was recently traded to the Boston Celtics which he has since not been playing well.
  • With numbers down form poor play Horford has no sponsorships or main promotions with any clothing or shoe brands.
  • 4x All Star
  • 2010-11 All-NBA
  • 2007-08 All-Rookie
  • Al is the son of Tito Horford who also played in the NBA


 4. Dirk Nowitzki – $25,000,000

  • Dirk Nowitzki has been one of the greatest basketball players to ever play in the NBA.
  • Played with and against many of the greats and often won against these players shaping his legacy
  • Dirk has never been interested in becoming a global icon or a corporate brand therefore he does not have any outside shoe sponsorships.
  • 13x All Star
  • 2011 Lg Champ
  • 12x All-NBA
  • 2010-11 Finals MVP
  • 2006-07 MVP

5. Carmelo Anthony – 24,559,380

  • Carmelo Anthony coming into the league the same year as LeBron James was one of the best for a good 5 years
  • Slowly Carmelo started to decline in performance along with winning, making Carmelo one of the best players who has yet to win a championship.
  • Carmelo does have three Olympic championships and one bronze playing with team USA.
  • Carmelo is sponsored by Nike and currently has shoe models with Jordan.
  • 9x All Star
  • 6x All-NBA
  • 2003-04 All-Rookie


The NBA is a powerhouse in the business world, as shown above the amount of money that is earned for players performances on the court is a substantially large amount. Relating to the business world, the NBA is very similar being that the best players get the most money. That is the purpose of this listicle, to show that the top five highest paid players in the NBA make an extremely large amount of money by doing what they love, but to “regular people” it is a business, and a huge one at that.





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11 thoughts on “Top Five Highest Paid NBA Players

  1. It’s amazing at how much these athletes make to play a kid’s game. Anthony may be a little bit over paid though.

  2. It’s crazy that their salaries aren’t even where most of their money derives from (if you’re an elite player). Lebron makes way more off his endorsements with Nike, Kia, etc.

  3. I think it’s crazy how Mike Conley is second on the list. Also how Al Horford is third when there are much better players that get paid less then those two. I think it is also pretty funny that Steph Curry makes half of what Lebron makes.

  4. People always complain about the amount of money professional athletes make a year, compared to police officers/firefighters/nurses. However, the million dollar salary of NBA players makes sense. I mean, the NBA itself makes hundreds of millions (probably billions) in revenue each year. So it’s appropriate for the players to have such high salaries.

  5. The best NBA players make even more money off endorsement deals than they do off their NBA salary!

  6. Can’t believe these people are getting paid that much to throw a ball through a ring.
    Guess this is what they mean by “life is not fair”.

  7. This was interesting to read and actual still very informative! It was cool learning about these NBA players and their income not including what they get from advertisements.

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