7 Reasons to Be Concerned with Climate Change

Global warming is the term used to describe a gradual increase in the Earth’s temperature. Some believe there is no such thing as global warming while others believe we should try to prevent global warming. Per a study was done by Statista in 2015, the younger age group which consisted of 18-29-year-olds at the time were more concerned with climate change than any other age group.

Rather you believe in it or not global warming is starting to become a serious issue. One of the biggest concerns with global warming is climate change.  We should be trying to do more to stop global warming. There are many reasons to be concerned about climate change. The President of the United States does not think climate change is a serious thing and has since removed the climate change link from the White house website. This listicle will provide more detail on some of the important issues with climate change and the effect they will have on people.

1. Sea Level Rising

The sea level raising is a bad thing because cities that are closer to the low tide areas will have a higher risk of flooding. Cities in extremely low tide will have a risk of being submerged by water. The rising sea level will also influence ecosystems such as mangrove forest and coral reefs. Rising sea level could potentially mix salt water with fresh bodies of water and that would be bad for all the animals. In October of 2016, the sea height variation was at 81.1MM. Coastal cities would be affected the most if the sea levels continue to rise. Some of the major cities are Miami, New York City, New Orleans, and Venice, Italy. The rising sea levels would cause more flooding.

2. Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is one of the important gasses we have on earth. It is important because it is a heat-trapping (greenhouse) gas, carbon dioxide is released from human activities such as deforestation and burning fossil fuels, as well as natural processes such as respiration and volcanic eruptions. September 2016 is being called a month in the major milestone for the world’s climate. September was the first month when carbon dioxide did not drop below 400 parts per million. It was the highest ever recorded. Scientists believe it will never drop below that mark again our lifetime. Another important factor of climate change is global temperature

3. Global Temperature


The global temperature has been on the rise in recent years and that is not a good thing. The rise in the earth’s global temperature is caused by the trapping of more greenhouse gasses. Temperatures have been rising the last 30 years. The decade between 2001 and 2010 was the highest ever recorded. If we keep adding greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere like we are doing. The temperature will increase by four to twelve degrees Fahrenheit by the year 2100. If we make big changes and start using more renewable resources the temperature increase would be less and it would only be two to five degrees. The warmer the temperature gets the more severe of an impact it would have on the people and on the environment.

4. Sea Ice Minimum

The amount of summer ice in the arctic ocean in recent years is the smallest it’s ever been since scientist started using satellites to cover the area in the 1970s. The ice is getting thinner as well. The amount of ice will continue to shrink from year to year depending on factors such as local temperatures, wind patterns, and ocean currents. The amount of sea ice is decreasing on average by 13.3 percent per decade. The ice serves a shield in some aspects because it reflects sunlight back out to space so the energy is not absorbed by the earth. Without the ice, the earth will absorb the energy from the sun and get even warmer.

5. Less Snowpack

Snowpack is the total amount of snow and ice on the ground. In high mountain ranges and other cold places. As the temperature warms up snowpack is starting to shrink, and it is melting a lot faster than it used to melt. Snowpack is important because it provides fresh water to rivers and streams and it also fills reservoirs that supply drinking water to cities and towns. Snowpack is also important for sports such as snowboarding and skiing.

6. Changing Snow and Wind Patterns


As the temperature rises and the air become warmer, more moisture evaporates from land and water into the atmosphere. More moisture in the air means we can expect more precipitation. Around the globe, places are starting to get less than what they are accessorized to and that is due to changes in the air and ocean currents. Changes in those currents can cause a change in weather patterns. Many people depend on rain and snowpacks for their benefit. Too much rain cause flooding in areas.

7. Thawing Permafrost


Many of people may not be aware of what permafrost is and how important permafrost is in certain areas. Permafrost is a layer of soil or rock that is frozen all year round. Though it is frozen plants and trees are still able to grow. With the temperature rising the permafrost is melting which is causing the ground above it to shrink and change shape. Trees are often referred to as being drunk because of how they grow. The shrinking and changing of the land have an effect on buildings and infrastructure. Permafrost also traps carbon gasses. With permafrost melting more carbon gasses are released into the atmosphere in the form of methane. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas.

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  1. This was very interesting. Your facts were very powerful and real. Many people dont understand the severity of our climate change and its sad.

  2. It’s pretty disturbing how much we negatively impact the environment. I don’t like the growing trends I see and read about. Changes need to be made for the future.

  3. Definitely glad I live in Ohio. As varied as the weather can be there most likely won’t be any earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, high winds, etc.

  4. With the detrimental affects of global warming becoming more apparent on a daily basis, it’s hard to ignore how our every day decisions take such a toll on the Earth. Your information is articulated very well, and the images you used are really captivating!

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