6 Trending Ways To Improve Google Ranking With SEO

Have you typed a keyword into Google search engine and realize your website doesn’t appear on the first page? The following are the best six modern tips to optimize your website and improve Google ranking with effective SEO.

SEO is an organic way of ranking a website in Google organic listing, without paying for Google AdWords. Furthermore, ranking on the first page of Google for a keyword will generate the most organic traffic to your website.

Nevertheless, when a computer algorithm looks at all the search results, it looks for approximately 100 signals. The algorithm look at which website is more relevant base on which has the most quality signals. Imagine having a tick sheet of 100 different factors that a computer algorithm is looking at.

However, putting a tick in more of these boxes will give you a higher ranking then your competitors. If you have a business website, you will see a significant increase in ROI, by applying effective SEO strategies. http://eugeniusvision.com/


1. Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks Will Improve Google Ranking

The better links you have pointing to your website the higher you move up in Google search engine. In the past, there were tools available to submit an article to thousands of different sites online. Then put a link in it, and literally build thousands of links back to your website.

However, Google have created an algorithm filter called penguin, which work out the quality of links back to a website.  If Google found links pointing to your website that it considers low quality, you get hit with a penalty. This means that you would drop in search engine ranking or even be kick out of search engine index. http://rankingrabbit.com/

Therefore, do not just build a bunch of random links. It is no longer about making as much links as possible. It’s much more about focusing on building quality links over quantity. A handful of great quality will beat hundreds or thousands of links that Google consider low quality. You can use the domain matrix tool to determine quality of backlinks. An example of good source of backlink is social media.


2. Relevant Content

Relevant Content Will Improve Google Ranking
The content on your webpages including testimonials must be original. The Google algorithm will pick up plagiarism and your website ranking potential will not be maximized. Also, keep content updated because this will be a factor that determine the relevancy of a website. Therefore, make sure to keep the content fresh. https://support.google.com/news/publisher/answer/68292?hl=en


3. Loading Speed

Fast Loading Speed Will Improve Google RankingGoogle monitors the loading speed of a website. Google wants to make sure that each visitor it recommends to your website get the best possible user experience. This means no sticking, error messages or slow loading. Also 80% of people browse the web from their smart phone (Communication of Business Today Courtland Bovée and John Thill). Therefore, there will be more traffic to gain if your site is mobile friendly, and Google favors such websites. http://rankingrabbit.com/


4. Use WordPress

Use WordPress To Improve Google Ranking WordPress is a highly adaptable CMS (Control Management System) which keeps evolving. If you don’t have any coding experience WordPress makes it nonessential because of the many built-in plug-ins. For example, if you wanted to add a contact form into your website, you might not know all the coding. However, WordPress does all the work by inputting a plug-in setup for such purpose.  Furthermore, Google favors WordPress as one of the most user-friendly platform for website building. Therefore, using WordPress will help boost Google ranking. http://rankingrabbit.com/


5. Use Keywords

Use Keywords To Improve Google RankingThe use of keywords in a site might be one of the most important factors that will improve Google ranking. If someone type in computer, and your website keyword is John Brown, you won’t expect Google to show your website. Inputting keywords in a website title, content, and the URL will increase the possibility of that website ranking in Google. stuffing’https://www.google.com/insidesearch/howsearchworks


6. Improve URL Structure

Improve google Ranking with URL StructureBefore choosing a URL structure, it is best to use the keyword planner tool. Google provides such a tool to get an estimated average count of people searching for a keyword per month. The URL is one of the first things that a search engine uses to determine a page rank. Therefore, it needs to be kept short and relevant to the title, content and keywords of the website. http://rankingrabbit.com/

Ranking on the first page of Google organic listings is one of the best ways to generate organic traffic. No matter how well design a website is, it is a waste if no one actual see it. Fancy designs by itself does not generate traffic.
Therefore, the higher up in Google ranking, the greater the chances to generate traffic over your competitors.

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