Five Reasons Why Brown’s Fans Are Consistently Disappointed

There are many thoughts that trace our mind when we think of the Cleveland Browns, but imagine how their loyal fans feel. Although fans show great dedication and loyalty towards the Cleveland Browns, they are greatly disappointed each season. Some fans even possibly feel that this team is cursed from the variety of obstacles that one team can encounter each season. Many fans believe the curse of the Cleveland Browns began back in 1994 when they were relocated to Baltimore. When we discuss difficult situations that the Browns faced since their return to Cleveland, we can easily say that we have not had a stable quarterback for over fifteen years. Each year the Cleveland Brown’s draft a quarterback, it had been unsuccessful due to the various injuries and the lack of participation from certain quarterbacks, like Johnny Manziel. Lastly, Cleveland Browns fan continue to be disappointed each season by the team performance, but still remain loyal.

1. Curse of The Three Rivers Stadium


First, let’s analyze a historical disappointment that Generation X faced when it came to AFC’s two major rivalry teams, Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers. When you ask Generation X Browns fans about the curse of the Three Rivers Stadium, they will either laugh or sigh at the thought of the many defeated games against Cleveland. Associating with an older generation of fans, they explain how the Browns lost sixteen consecutive games at Three Rivers Stadium against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not only is was this embarrassing for Cleveland, but it was a continuous curse that they felt was never going to end. After facing continuous defeat and humiliation for 16 years, the Cleveland Browns finally defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1986 at Three Rivers Stadium.

2. Browns Relocate to Baltimore


In 1995, Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell relocated the NFL team to Baltimore due to the relocation of the Indianapolis Colts, as well as revenue lost due Jacob’s field grand opening. Many fans were not only disappointed by the move, but they were infuriated with the Cleveland Brown’s owner and wore “Muck Fodell” apparel in retaliation. Not only did Cleveland lose a team that had potential, they lost a team that had Super Bowl qualifications.

3. Cleveland Browns Have Not Won a Playoff Game Since 1994

Each season, many Cleveland Browns fans hope and pray that their beloved team will at least win the playoffs, but unfortunately this hasn’t happened since 1994. For many years, the Cleveland Browns were able to maintain a sustainable record by making it to the playoffs or winning the playoffs. When the Cleveland Browns returned in 1999, they have not been able to maintain a supreme record like they did before their relocation to Baltimore. Many fans believe that Cleveland’s relocation to Baltimore cursed the NFL team permanently.

4. Number of Quarterbacks Since Their Return To Cleveland


Every team faces a time in which their quarterback was greatly injured for a few games or the whole season. Cleveland Browns hold an obscene record of about 24 quarterbacks since their return to Ohio in 1999. When we look at teams like the Patriots they have been able to maintain and keep Tom Brady for over 10 years meanwhile the Browns can’t keep one quarterback for a single season.

5. What Happened in 2016? (1-15-0)


Cleveland Browns continue to shock their fans, but yet again, this comes to Browns fans as no surprise. This horrific season (1-15-0) put many browns fans on edge, especially during the games. Many times, the Browns have shown great performance and a strong starting lead in a game. But later in the fourth quarter, disappointment arose when the Browns lose their lead as well as the game. Being an attendee to a Browns game this past season, you were able to visually see the excitement of fans when the Cleveland Browns performed exceptionally well for the first three quarters, but when it came towards to fourth quarter, the Browns began to underperform causing fans to immediately exit the stadium.

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13 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why Brown’s Fans Are Consistently Disappointed

  1. The Browns have been cursed with poor upper management for far too long, squandering valuable draft picks while continually investing in players that aren’t worth what they’re paid. Sadly, I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

  2. I miss Colt Mccoy. We need a stable QB that can get used to the team, and give them time to improve.

  3. Great listicle for football fans in Cleveland. Hopefully we can escape the curse and make something happen next season! Apparently, the coach has visions of the playoffs in his head.

  4. Your listicle is an interesting read. I’m not a Brown’s fan at all, but I feel bad for you guys. Cleveland fans seem to be loyal to their teams and rally behind the Browns (even though they’re garbage). Cleveland deserves a football team that can win more than 5 games a season….

  5. This listicle is disappointing as a Cleveland fan. You can’t even be proud to be a fan of your own city’s team. You almost NEED to have a second NFL team to root for because the Browns are unwatchable. Sashi Brown has to make some moves. Even the 49ers are picking players. Browns where are you???

  6. Cleveland fans are so loyal and for the Browns to be so terrible it doesn’t make it for a fun football season to sit through, you need a second team to cheer on if you are that into football.

  7. Poor Browns, and poor Browns fans (lol). I love Cleveland and our sports teams but I will not be sitting out in the cold if they have another rough season! When I watched Believeland it was so depressing learning about all the Browns have gone through. One day they will do something great (hopefully in our lifetime!)

  8. I don’t even watch the browns at this point and I used to want to go to a football game so bad. I’ve never been to one (professional) and I’m not sure the Browns would be the first one I would want to go to.

  9. I still think that a good reason for the browns continued failure falls at the hands of the front office. The team hires coach after coach expecting nothing less than a Super Bowl win after the team won maybe 3 games the prior year. They just don’t have the talent to win.

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