Effective Social Media Marketing: The D.I.Y Approach

Effective Social Media Marketing: The D.I.Y Approach

Social media is growing at an exponential rate, which makes it a powerful tool for generations to come. Online media content plays a strong role on how everyone lives their day to day lives. With various apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more, people now have the power to voice their opinion and share new ideas with online communities across the world. Thanks to the Internet, it is easier to connect with anyone no matter how they are away from you. People can now reach new heights using social media as a branding tool for themselves. In the article titled, Branding with social media: User gratifications, usage patterns, and brand message content strategies written by Qin Gao and Chenyue Feng, they wrote that 50% social media users are connected to brands while 36% posted content about a brand or a company on social media(Feng, Gao 868). The time is now or never for upcoming entrepreneurs entering today’s markets. Whether you’re recording a debut mixtape for your rap career, pressing image prints onto Gildan white-tees using your mom’s ironing board, or typing up the next New York Times bestseller, there is an online community waiting to embrace your ingenuity. It is getting to the point where in order for a company to be successful, they need a strong social media presence. The power in social media comes from the ability for random strangers to engage with one another, people enjoy the feeling of being united.





1. Collaborate

While you are networking with your audience, make sure to look out for other people who have innovations to share who also share the same field as you. These could be potential business partners which can be beneficial to brand name through various collaboration projects and marketing mechanisms. Through collaborations your potential profits soar out of the roof.



2. Find Your Niche

During the blueprint process of marketing your product first pick a social media platform that can cater to your style of presentation. Do you want your brand to be heavily imagery based using media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram or would you prefer the blog approach using apps such as Reddit or Facebook which incorporates both images and blogging. Conquer one social application first before creating another one, it can be hectic trying to control multiple accounts in the very beginning.

My good friend Adam Easterling owns a street-wear clothing line named Infiniti, thanks to social media he ended up landing his first major sales of t-shirts just two years ago. A fan of his clothing line and art work posted a link to his website through the online forum Reddit. This single post generated thousands of views and anticipation for the release of these t-shirts. All the shirts sold out immediately!



3. Use original Content

The key to developing a great marketing campaign is to be yourself and express your own ideologies. Instead of reposting the same material on your social feed create your own content using computer programs or just simply taking your own pictures. Try to innovate the next trend while remaining yourself. Draw your own inspirations based off your purpose of your company or life experiences.

Adam Easterling is not only a designer and brand owner of Infiniti but he is also a skilled digital artist. He makes an effort to showcase his artwork through the Instagram app, allowing his 4,000+ followers view his work anytime. This helps saves the expense of having to constantly host an art gallery party or trying to advocate to galleries to accept your artwork.


4. Develop A Purpose

When trying to find a purpose for your brand you want to figure out what key factors that motivates you. Develop a passion for whatever it is you would like to achieve because without it the brand can become very stagnant. How did you come up with that name? What would be a good logo or picture to use as a profile picture? Should we come up with a catchy phrase to put in the company’s bio? These are some questions you should ask yourself.

In an article titled, The missing link in building customer brand identification: The role of brand attractiveness by, Kevin Kam Fung So, Ceridwyn King, Simon Hudson, and Fang Meng believes that, “Brand management authorities have suggested that a brand identity must resonate with customers, differentiate the brand from competitors, and signify what the organization can and will do over time” (Fung So, King, Hudson, Meng 642). This helps create the feeling that the people are a part of a culture that’s bigger than them and that they share the same purpose as the brand.



5. Know Your Audience

One of the very first things you should do while starting up a brand is figuring out what type of crowd is supporting your brand. Your supporters help build the brand’s culture. Pay attention to what’s trending with your crowd, keep mental notes of what marketing strategies worked and what didn’t for stronger marketing campaigns in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask the consumers questions because they know best!



6. Engage With your audience

People appreciate the sense of community. Engaging with your audience is key to promoting yourself and ideas especially in the age of social media. Thanks to apps such as twitter and instagram, people can share almost anything while receiving feedback instantaneously through a double tap or retweet. In the Branding with social media article, Qin Gao and Chenyue Feng highlights the fact that the ability, “to hold conversations directly with consumers on social media makes consumer brand relationships more intimate and fosters more rapport with consumers” (Feng, Gao 868). Online web forums such as Reddit and twitter are excellent tools for communicating on various topics. Social interactions with the brand helps build it’s loyalty.



7. Have Fun!

Once you have completed all of these steps, be sure that this is the path that you want to take. While branding yourself you should have the same amount of enthusiasm as you did when you first came up with the idea to take this journey. In order for you to be successful you have to be very passionate because the people feed of your energy. Be willing to mistakes while learning from them, this is your chance to grow.


it is obvious that creating a brand yourself is not hard work. It can be relatively cheap with the use of social media. Years ago someone would have to spend thousands of dollars just on marketing, now you really don’t have to pay anything. You can generate new content at the palm of your hand.







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