7 Reasons to learn a foreign language as a business student

Many people go their entire lives while speaking only one language. Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to communicate with someone on a completely different level?  Speaking another language not only increases the amount you can communicate with other people but, it also makes you more intelligent. As a society have so many ways that we can communicate with one another but, it all comes to a screeching halt if there is a language barrier.   Most people will find that they will interact with somebody from another country in almost any workplace or educational institute.  In the fast-paced business world many young professionals are going to find themselves in, they may want to consider ways to set themselves apart.  So here are seven reasons to learn a foreign language as a business student

1. Using a foreign Language leads to better choices

We’ve all been there before. Standing at the line in Chipotle with the endless line behind us.  And when it finally comes turn for you to order, instant panic and stress.  You forget that you have ordered the same thing there for years but somehow ask for the brown rice instead of the white. What if I told you there was way to make decisions in a calm and rational way? Good news, there is! A study published in Trends of Cognitive Science stated that you make better decisions when speaking in a foreign language.  The idea is that there is less emotion attached to your thought process if you are speaking in another language.  You are inherently focusing more on what you’re saying as opposed to letting outside sources dictate how you react. Now your future boss will be floored with how well you can order Chipotle


2. Speaking a foreign language makes you more intelligent.

Several studies have concluded that after learning a foreign language your cognitive abilities get a sharp boost. The ability to refer to two separate languages makes your mind move more quickly and accurately.  You also get a boost in multi-tasking.  Your brain will naturally be able to toggle between two tasks just like you would toggle between languages when translating in your head.  It can also effect how you recall things and even change your reactions to certain situations. So when you make your resume for your future employer make sure to include how awesome you are at ordering Chipotle whilst simultaneously listening in on the awkward conversation happening between the teenage girls behind you.


3. It makes you more marketable to employers

Even if you have no plans to pursue a degree that involves a foreign language, it can be an incredibly significant impact on your resume. Employers are more likely to move you to the top of the pile because it is just one more thing that sets you apart from the rest of the heard. Employers know all the science behind what makes workers more productive and more intelligent. Showing them that you put in the time and the effort to master another language, gives you the leg up on the competition.


4. Communicating in a foreign language helps your general communications skills


Communication helps you communicate better (Go figure!) Specifically, communicating in a foreign language helps you communicate better in your native tongue.  Speaking a foreign language, especially in a formal business environment, takes a lot of practice and thought.  Being able to do this effectively boosts your confidence in the language you already know.  Speaking in a formal environment seems much less intimidating when you speak in your first language by comparison. This boost in confidence will do wonders for your savvy business talk and could even help with one on one conversations.


5. It can improve your dating life

Okay so this one is not so much business related but, we can’t be focused on work and school all the time, right? As stated earlier learning a new language can heighten your confidence in one on one conversations. What better time to test this out than on a date? Studies also show that when seeking out mates many people find being multi-lingual as a very attractive quality. Many people think it shows a sense of broadened horizons and a deep intellect.


6. You become more aware of your surroundings

Depending on the language you decide to pick up, you typically become more aware of the events of the countries that speak that language.  This helps you stay more aware of global and current events.  This can be a very beneficial trait depending on what field of business you enter. This can also help on a small-scale environment as well.  When you find yourself concerned with the happenings of people on the other side of the world, you also pick up some residual concern for your immediate surroundings.  This can make you more intuitive with friends, family, and co-workers.


7. It’s fun!


The last but, possibly most important fact, is it’s fun! You will find yourself striking up conversations with people that you initially had no common ground with.  You start to pick up another culture all together and explore all the food, customs and traditions they have to offer.  Learning a foreign language does a lot for the brain but, it also generally makes people happier.  You have a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment when you can pick up a second way of speaking and you feel closer to people without even knowing them.

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12 thoughts on “7 Reasons to learn a foreign language as a business student

  1. I would absolutely love to learn more languages! The biggest reason I never got into it was because I struggled in Spanish in high-school. I definitely think that since I am more motivated I will look into learning more languages!

  2. I agree with Paige, I wish I would have learned another language or maybe I should have taken Spanish more seriously in high school!

  3. I took two years of Spanish and two years of French in high school. I don’t recommend learning another language until you’ve mastered one, or you’ll end up like me, speaking Franish.

    1. Very true. I took French in high school, know a few Spanish words, and took Japanese in college. All I can really do is stick in a foreign word here or there, but not actually talk to anyone.

  4. I think you are so right on learning another language. I speak English and Spanish and i benefit so much from it. I cannot wait to use it in a business world.

  5. I am in the same boat as Russel, my brain could not handle the complexity of one language let alone two so it just scrambled words together!

  6. I really like the way you explained how it makes you more intelligent because I feel like if you can be focused and dedicated enough to learn another language you can handle anything in the work place.Also, it takes patience which I do not have at the moment.

  7. I speak Polish and while it probably has helped me in a lot of the ways that you mentioned above, i’m not quite sure what it’s doing now, considering I rarely use it anymore. I guess that happens with any kind of craft. The usefulness degrades when you stop practicing and using it routinely. I do notice that I tend to pay attention more to European politics and culture in general.

  8. Great listicle. The world of international business is huge and having this extra asset can get you much further in your career.

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