The 6 top-paying companies in Cleveland to intern for, if you’re an accounting student


Every accounting student has probably heard over and over again that they should complete an internship before graduating college. If you have some sort of relevant career experience under your belt, you will be at an advantage when you begin applying for your first job at a Big 4 firm or a small firm. Since job competition is becoming more intense, setting yourself apart by doing an internship is a smart idea. As an intern, a student can figure out if their intended career field will be a suitable fit for them. I look forward to completing an internship junior/senior year of college, for the experience, networking opportunities….and the pay. Let’s be real here. The best internships are the ones that will give you real world experience and nice hourly pay.



1.) You’ll make some serious dough if you intern at BDO.

On average, a student interning at the accounting & consulting firm BDO can make $23 an hour. They also offer an array of benefits, including flex time. Flex time allows workers to choose the time and place they work, in a reasonable capacity. BDO has two offices in the Cleveland area.



2.) Progressive pays a pretty penny.

At Progressive Insurance, interns make around $18 per hour. The Progressive headquarters are located in Mayfield, OH and there are nearby offices in Euclid and Parma. Progressive offers four different programs for interns to choose, such as IT, corporate, accounting and claims.



3.) KMPG is killing it in the salary department.

KMPG is one of the Big 4 accounting firms and they don’t shy away from paying interns big money. There is a KMPG office in downtown Cleveland, on East 9th Street. On average, an intern at KMPG can make upwards of $25 per hour. KMPG offers perks like themed parties in order to thank employees for their hard work and make the work environment enjoyable.



4.) I’m envious of the money that EY interns make.

Ernst & Young, also known as EY, is the second of the Big 4 accounting firms. The downtown Cleveland EY office can be found on 950 Main Street. A student interning at EY can look forward to earning $26.44 an hour. Another incentive for working at EY is that they offer a 75% reimbursement (up to $500) for health/wellness expenses, like gym memberships.



5.) Pwc is no pushover when it comes to paychecks.

Pricewaterhousecoopers, also known as Pwc, is the third Big 4 accounting firm. An intern working for Pwc can expect to make $25.10 an hour. You can locate the downtown Cleveland office at 127 Public Square #5300. Pwc offers one of the most valuable benefits to its employee: student loan payment. Pwc will pay $1,200 a year (up to $10,000 total) towards the student loan balance for associates.



6.) Interns can make bank while working at KeyBank.

KeyBank is the 18th largest US bank and its corporate headquarters are located right in downtown Cleveland at 127 Public Square. A student interning in one of the many KeyBank analyst programs will earn $18.13, on average.



EY pays interns the highest hourly wage, at $26.44. However, the other 5 companies mentioned in the list also pay student interns a competitive wage. Students attending college in the Cleveland area have a number of high paying and respectable choices, if they decide to complete an internship. For students who are freshman and sophomores, many of these companies offer their versions of leadership programs. While these programs may be in short duration compared to a typical internship, the programs offer students value skills that a company is looking for. Plus, participating in a program hosted by the a company in a student’s freshman/sophomore year is beneficial because they student is placed within that company’s network base.

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  1. Great listicle! Being that I currently go to college at Cleveland State University, I really enjoyed reading about and viewing all of these companies around town. This has opened my eyes to many new opportunities. Do you have an internship set up for the summer?

  2. Being an accounting major, I loved this listicle! It was great to learn about all the opportunities for accounting students in Cleveland. Pretty cool to know that the majority of them pay over $20 an hour. That’s some serious money for a college student! The subheadings in your article were great too, they really made it fun and interesting to read!

  3. I am currently an accounting student at Cleveland State University. Cleveland is such a great city to be in with all of these successful companies and opportunities all in one city!

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