6 Things Employers Look for in New Hires


By: Nick Burkhammer

One of the hardest tasks for employers is the decision making process behind hiring new employees. Even after many different selection tactics, including the interview process, employers find themselves stuck between a few top candidates. There are a few applicant skills that will make or break it in the end. When comparing two applications an employer might see that one applicant had been through two internships while the other had been through none. This alone could sway an employer one way or another.

1. Leadership

Leadership can be a very important skill to have in the field of business. Employers are looking for people who have the skills to take control of a situation and lead a team or group to success. When given a project you must be able to direct your team or subordinates in the correct direction to ensure that everything goes well. Being a leader requires self confidence, positive attitude, and team skills.



2. Business Knowledge

Having a general knowledge of how business works can also be beneficial. Operating a business smoothly can be a daunting task. Showing your employer that you know the ins and outs of business operations can be a huge help to not only marketing yourself, but potentially the business.

3. Technology Skills

In today’s day and age technology is running the world. Everyone is using some form of technology in their everyday lives due to the fact that it is constantly advancing. In the business field many employers want to see that you are proficient with applications like Microsoft Office. Computer literacy can be one of the most essential skills in almost any job field, including business.


4. Creative Thinking

Being an out of the box thinker can make anybody more marketable. Employers want someone who will find new ways to get tasks done. These “new ways” need to be innovative and a smart move for the company because the smallest things can drastically change a company. Creativity can enhance almost any situation.




5. Communication Skills

Communication can single handedly be considered the best skill to have when it comes to finding a job. Employers have continually stated that the most sought after skill in job candidates is communication. It has also been recorded that most employers believe that fresh college graduates are most lacking in this area. This skill is very important because good communication leads to successful business.





6. Experience (Ex: Internships, Co-ops)

Most employers are going to want to see that you have been subject to real world experiences because they want someone who knows what they are doing. This means internships and Co-ops. No employer is going to care that you worked at a McDonald’s when you were 16. Going through an internship or co-op can help you build some of these real world skills that employers are looking for. These experiences also help you learn how to behave at a professional level and work well with fellow employees.

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3 thoughts on “6 Things Employers Look for in New Hires

  1. This is very important and every one of these points shows some requirements to move around in the business world. To have experience and understand what the specific company is looking for is very important, that can put you at the front if you know what that particular company is looking for.

  2. Above and beyond, in almost any industry, communication skills is one of the most sought after qualities in new hires. This has been moved to the top of the list due to the abilities (or lack of) found with new generations entering the workforce, *Clears throat* millennials 😉

  3. I think your Listicle is very informative and shares a lot of great information for prospective graduating students. These are very important facts that we should keep in our minds when interviewing with our future employers.

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