5 Ways Social Media Can Be a Great Marketing Tool

Let’s be real, it’s 2017, almost everyone has had some sort of exposure to social media. Ask the person next to you if they know what Facebook is, they’re either going to answer you with sincerity or look at you as if that’s even a question; I bet your grandma has gotten hip to Snapchat on her brand new iPhone7! Social media nowadays plays an important role in society and peer influences are a huge factor. Some individuals only follow certain brands on social media because their friends do. People have become dependent on certain applications such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It’s almost like an addiction; companies know individuals are invested in these networks daily so they have taken it to their advantage to use it as a marketing platform. These networks are a great outlet for people to interact with other people along with being introduced to a wide variety of brands and products via marketing. It’s predicted that in 2017, 89.4% of marketers in the United States will utilize social media for marketing purposes.


1. Brand loyalty


Social media marketing can develop brand loyalty due to the fact that there are various, creative ways on doing so; no one likes mundanity! For Instance, Burger King’s Twitter addresses customer service issues with individual, unique messages in every mention. Their tweets are also not your typical, everyday post. Burger King’s technique is working due to the fact that they are reeling in almost 1.5 million followers! People like this because it’s more personal and entertaining, causing consumers to undoubtedly become loyal to their product.


2. Self-marketing

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Social networks can be used as a marketing tool for your business but have you thought about it being a promotional tool for yourself? Social media is a phenomenal self-marketing tool. It’s an excellent way to promote one’s craft to the world via applications. Good at photography? If you don’t have a VSCO, create one! It’s an application that can be compared to Tumblr but doesn’t offer your pictures to be liked or commented on. Obviously, an Instagram account would suffice as well. What if your specialty is producing music? Link up with SoundCloud and start streaming those beats!


3. Obtain more buyers

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A smart marketer would advertise its product in a widely populated, diverse location. Where’s a better place to do it than sites like Twitter or Facebook? These sites are very informational and factual which is how they will produce buyers. Businesses are continuously battling other businesses to win consumers over. Social media is constantly becoming more of a dependable resource and expanding year by year. Nearly almost every person has access to social media and uses it daily, making it a great way to gather new customers.


4. No cost


FREE! Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Why spend money on newspaper ads, billboards, and TV commercials when the resources to advertise are right at your fingertips! Plus, it’s not just one network that is free, but multiple major social media platforms.


5. Exceptional feedback

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Producers are able to easily get a wide variety of reactions and opinions on their products via social media. They can conduct surveys, polls and monitor keywords with these social networks. It’s difficult to know if a customer was fully satisfied with a product without relevant feedback, and producers love to know what the pros/cons are of their product so they can make improvements.


Whether it’s brand marketing or self-marketing, social media advertising is an immense aid in publicizing anything. It’s fast and convenient: you can promote a product on two social networks in less than a minute and it’ll reach thousands in seconds! It’s a great way to bring a worn down brand or company back to life again with unique tactics. Social media marketing is the future! With time, it’s possible that all old-fashioned ads will become obsolete as a result of social media becoming the best outcome for marketing.

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