5 Ways the Share-a-Coke Campaign Helped the Company Evolve

To become a multi-million-dollar company, you need to learn the basics. Customers are the most important part of having a successful business, and they come first.  Companies need to get consumers’ attention to get people to buy a product through advertising. It is not a hard concept; yet, the approaches of most businesses are generic and lack originality. Coke thinks outside the box to reinvent a new type of advertising, which helps them to be at the top of 100 in advertising around the world!Their approach uses a well thought out campaign, Share-a-Coke. Coke makes a strong impact on customers during 2016, which an examination of marketing strategies.

1. Share-a-Coke Campaign


AX601...Share a Coke 2014 Campaign.


The Share-a-Coke campaign brings a creative and unique aspect to Coke’s brand name. The campaign brings everyone together and makes a name in many homes through commercials and social media. Many customers can personalize bottles or cans through Coke’s websites; the customization is just for Share-a-Coke products for their family, friends, or just to put on social media. This campaign increases the revenue and brings the volume for the company up fifteen percent. This campaign makes such a positive impact for the brand that Coke launches an experimental tour of traveling kiosks. This tour has the employees working one on one with customers to create new ideas for the product.  It shows loyal customer service.

2. Social Media




During the Share-a-Coke campaign, Coke utilizes social media in a big way. The company creates apps with connections to social media, such as, Tumblr, Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Twitter presents the #shareacoke to bring light to the campaign and to see who has interest in the new product. Coke could also see costumers interacting with other individuals from across the world, which brings many diverse people together. The company three main sources of communication through the apps, which include the example of crowd sourcing by letting consumers engage in the creative process. Coke interacts directly   through social media, answering questions to keep the conversation flowing. Lastly, the company measures success through an analysis of feedback and data collection, which reveals who is involved with their social media platforms.

3. Customer Satisfaction


Thirsty, Veracruz 2016!


During the tour that the company launched, many employees worked closely with customers to fix problems with the products they made or took notes on what the customers wanted more of. This approach makes the customers feel important which will make the consumers dedicated to the brand. Listening to customers could bring in new ideas for future products bringing in new costumers and revenue. Costumer service is the number one priority in many businesses. A happy customer is a successful business.

4. Technological Advantages


Freestyle machine



Coke has been working towards future evolutions by using new technology. During the campaign, Coke made traveling kiosks which led to the future creation of the “Freestyle Machine”. The Freestyle Machine was made so that customers could create up to 165 new flavors of soda. The machine can be bought for 20,000 dollars or leased for 320 dollars a month. This may be a steep price but more than 1,500 companies are using the machine as a way to get potential customers and up their revenue by nine percent. Many of the machines are also in amusement parks and more. The coke app is synced to your Facebook so when you buy a freestyle drink the app sends a postcard to you so that you can share the experience with others. This new product brought in a lot of revenue for the Coke company. Also, the company constructed various websites and apps so that customers could be more connected to the Coca-Cola brand. The websites feature various new products including merchandise to expand the brands advertising.

5. Emotional Commercials




            Coke was in the top 100 best advertising campaigns worldwide in 2016 based on the World Advertising Research Center. During the Share-a-Coke campaign, Coke used commercials to get the word out about what the company was doing. The company used television, pop-up ads on the computer, YouTube advertising before a video and even social media was broadcasting the meaningful commercials. The company used commercials because it gets to many people around the world in a fast amount of time. The type of commercials Coke was using had emotional appeal by using friends, family members, and diverse people coming together to “Share-a-Coke”. Emotional appeal is a successful way to tug at consumer’s heart strings by using “real” everyday people like ourselves instead of famous actors. Also, this type of commercial has a longer lasting impression on a consumer so they will think about the product while they are out.





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