5 Tips Help You Get the Body Shape You desire



Summer is close, which mean a lot of parties and activities to do such as go with friends to the beach, playing volleyball, soccer and swimming, especially here in Cleveland where we have a lot of parks like Edgewater Park which has a beautiful beach.  You want to join your friends enjoying the sun light and take off your shirt, but unfortunately you are not in shape and you ashamed to show anyone your body. However, all of these problems and worries about your body shape will go if you follow these tips.


1- Eat Smart


You have to think twice about what goes to your stomach, because it is the primary elements that defined the way you look. Eating fast food and drinking soda the whole time will only get you fat, and properly some health issues in the future that you don’t want. What you need to do first is set your goal, look at the mirror and think what do you need, do you need to lose or gain some weight? Based on that you can determine the amount of carbs that you need to eat per day. If you want to lose weight you need to minimize the amount of carbs you are eating and if you trying to gain weight you do the opposite and eat more carbs. And for the protein most of the time you need a gram of protein for each pound of your weight daily, no matter if you trying to lose weight or gain it. If you have some taste problems theirs a lot of spices that you can add to make your food taste better, for example McCormick have a lot of ready spices that have been already mixed and all what you have to do is but it on your chicken,  your beef, and your seafood.


2- Good Workout


Consider working out as having final exam, there is no time to play around, all what you do is work out hard and wait for the good result to come. The best way to do that is going to the gym at least 3 times a week, each time not less than 45 min. start with lifting because it takes more of your power, after that do your cardio.  Try to challenge yourself every other week with new exercises and more weights. You don’t have to a member ship to the gym, you can do full body work out in your home. For example, pushups work your chest and triceps, chin-ups and pull-ups work you back and biceps, squats for your legs, and last but not least set-ups for your abs and core.


3- Taking Supplements


A lot of people will say supplements are not good for your body; it will destroy you and may even kill you. Logically this is not true; it called supplements which mean it help giving your body elements that it needs to change and gain muscles. You don’t have to take supplements if you have a perfect diet and you are really stick to it, but if not or let’s say you want the result within 5 month instead of a year, taking supplements will be a good idea. You choose your supplements based on the goal that you have set on step one, but the most common one is whey protein by optimum nutrition, and you can buy it from amazon.com for a cheap price.


4- Changing Sleep habits


Good sleeping habits will help you get the shape you want faster. Studies shows that those people who don’t have enough sleep attend to eat more and most of time they eat a high carbs food (Melinda Ratini). For example, having enough sleep will  not only stop you eating a lot, but also help you grow more muscle, as you relax your body try to fix the broken muscles and actually make it bigger. Also, don’t have a big meal and then go to sleep because most of things you ate will turn to fats which you don’t want


5- Quite Bad Habits

Drinking, smoking and every bad habit you know should stop if you want to have a good body. For example, if you smoke everyday it would be harder for you to work out and get in shape because your heart is full with smoke so once you start work out you will feel like you can’t breathe or sometimes you can’t even move.

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9 thoughts on “5 Tips Help You Get the Body Shape You desire

  1. Meal prepping really does help with eating smarter and healthier. Its harder when your on the go and the only thing available to grab quickly is junk food.

  2. This listicle is relevant and helpful for many people. Being fit is important because it improves overall health and we look better. Your tip about getting enough sleep is great and many people aren’t aware that proper sleep is necessary for getting fit. I love working out, making gains and loading up on protein. Good job!

  3. Great topic! It’s so easy to eat fast food when you have nothing defrosted at home! Meal prepping is a good way to eliminate that. I also did not know that sleep affects your body being in shape. Working out helps me to sleep better at night! Taking vitamins is also a great thing to do, it gives you all the nutrients your body needs that it cannot obtain from eating a normal diet. Thanks for the info!

  4. This article speaks to me! I try so hard to eat healthy and work out but it is very hard. I like the way you said “Consider working out as having final exam” because it is the truth. If you prepare for the exam as in eat healthy before working out and sleep well it wont be as hard. Also, when taking certain supplements it can have different changes to peoples body, my friend and I took the same diet pills and she got sick from them but I didn’t so it just depends on the person. Thanks for the awesome article.

  5. Great argument! I didn’t realize that sleep played such a large role in getting a healthier looking body. It’s definitely the hardest part I deal with when trying to stay healthy. What’s great is that you mentioned how home workouts are just as effective as gym workouts. The amount of body weight workouts that you can find online is astounding, each catering to whatever body part needs improvement.

  6. I liked the tips you offered. Eating smart is the most important when trying to achieve a better body.

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