5 Jobs Where Performance Could Be Improved by Video Games

5 Jobs Where Performance Could Be Improved by Video Games

Video games are usually put in a negative light. Some say that video games contribute to laziness and violent behavior, but are these really the only effects that video games have? Recent studies have shown that there are definite benefits like increased visual awareness and mental skills to be obtained by playing or using video games. In light of this recent discovery, some started to question why the benefits of video games would be important. Of the many answers that could be found, one of the more important fields these benefits affect are jobs.

Yes, that’s right, jobs. For some jobs, the benefits obtained from playing video games regularly could improve the overall performance of workers during their day to day tasks. Of the many applicable jobs, here are 5 jobs where performance could be improved by video games.


From basic biology and chemistry starting in high school and college to the more advanced medical classes in medical school, there’s tons of necessary information required to be a surgeon. When it comes to actually performing the job though, having knowledge alone won’t cut it. Fortunately, recent studies have been done showing that regularly playing video games, specifically action video games, can improve the motor skills, focus, and decision making capabilities of an individual under pressure which are must haves when in the operating room. These key perks are so beneficial that surgeons who play video games were reported to have faster operation times with higher surgical precision.

Police Officer

Police Officers are trained to deal with a variety of situations since they never know what they’ll see while they’re out on patrol. Among the many situations that police officers are trained for, confrontations, with or without a weapon, are some of the most dangerous. Thanks to video games, however, officers may be able to gain an edge in such confrontations. Studies show that certain video games, mostly action games but also 3D puzzle games, are able to increase reaction time, spatial vision, awareness, and decision making skills under pressure in regular players which would be of great use to a police officer. In cases where the officer would need to directly fight the offender, increased reaction time would aid the officer’s combat training when taking down the criminal. In ranged situations, the officer would be able to dodge quicker when faced with an unexpected ranged threat and would also be able to aim their Taser or firearm faster and more accurately if the situation demanded it. The officer would also need the crucial level-headed decision making skills obtained from playing games when deciding to prioritize civilian safety or chase the criminal.

Fitness Trainer

Surprisingly enough, even fitness trainers can benefit from video games. Fitness trainers can benefit from using video games in their workouts to improve motivation and satisfaction among customers. One study done on the effectiveness of using video games to exercise compared cycling normally to work out to cycling using an interactive video game and observed not only did the interactive video game group enjoy the workout more, but they also worked at a higher intensity during the workout than the conventional cycling group. In the future, many other interactive exercising games may come out leading to a wider variety of workouts designed to get all parts of the body involved.

Baseball Player

Normally you wouldn’t picture an athlete playing a video game to get better at a sport but in the case of baseball, playing video games could have impressive benefits. In other popular sports like basketball and football, physical skills like how fast you can run or how far and accurately you can throw a ball determine the bulk of how well you perform on the field. In baseball, however, how fast you can run and how hard you can hit are secondary to one thing: hitting the ball. In baseball, if you can’t hit the ball properly, you have no chance of getting enough runs to win the game. Some studies done on the benefits of gaming show increased visuomotor performance, which includes reaction time to visual stimulation, spatial awareness, and decision making skills in gamers that play games regularly. The spatial awareness gained from playing games would allow the batter to recognize the ball and its flight path faster while the increased reaction speed would allow the batter to start moving in time to hit the ball. At the same time, increased decision making skills combined with increased spatial awareness allow the batter to determine whether or not to swing for the ball.

Air traffic controller

Being an air traffic controller, one needs to divide your attention between the runway and multiple screens in order to direct pilots to take off, land, and adjust flight paths to arrive at a correct destination. Luckily, real time strategy games, otherwise known as an RTS, and 3D puzzle games can help boost performance with the benefits they provide. When examining the effects of different video game genres on gamers, one study found that real time strategy games enable regular gamers to switch between tasks more freely while still paying attention to the last couple tasks being focused on. Another study found that people that played 3D puzzle games had increased spatial awareness. Both benefits are especially relevant for air traffic controllers since air traffic controllers must switch their attention from plane to plane to ensure no mid-flight collisions with other planes happen while also directing planes to tight parking spaces on busy days.

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