5 Businesses That Operate on Lake Erie That You Probably Don’t Know About!

5 Businesses that Operate on Lake Erie That You Probably Don’t Know About!



It isn’t hard to believe that Lake Erie is a resource that many companies take advantage of to conduct daily business. Have you ever wondered who is using the lake? Lake Erie is not just used for fishing and supplying the city of Cleveland with fresh water.  In fact, very little commercial fishing is conducted on Lake Erie. So how well do you know the economy supported by Lake Erie?  Most of the companies on this list are ones that you probably know little or nothing about. Here is a list that will provide you with the most interesting companies operating on our Great Lake.


1: Morton Salt Mines



Lake Erie is Cleveland’s Source of Fresh Water, so why would anyone ever think about salt? According to www.Wired.com, an inland sea dried up 4 million years ago, leaving a salt deposit 2,000 feet below the bottom of Lake Erie. Ohio produces 5 Million tons of rock salt each year from these mines!  Most people local to Cleveland don’t even know that these mines exist and yet Morton employs over 170 people to extract 1.3 million tons of salt each year. At one point in time, it was possible for the public to take the 2,000 foot plunge below Lake Erie for a tour. Giving tours is a large liability causing the the program to be suspended.

2: Nuclear Power Companies


Lake Erie hosts 3 nuclear power plants. The reason that Lake Erie is so attractive for nuclear power is its ability to provide a large source of water for cooling and generating steam. The two major nuclear power plants in Ohio are Davis-Bessy and Perry. Perry is East of Cleveland and Davis-Bessy is to the west. According to an article written by www.Cleveland.com, the power plants together provide “91 percent of Ohio’s zero-carbon energy.” Perry plant was the 100th nuclear power plant built in the United States. Perry only utilizes one of its two available reactors and still has the ability to power for over 1 million homes per day. Perry nuclear power plant employs about 720 people with high tech jobs and pays over $14 million dollars in taxes per year.


3: Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation


The Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation or LEEDC is a nonprofit organization focusing on clean energy in northeast Ohio. They have plans to erect six windmills seven miles off the Lake Erie shore. In 2016, the U.S. Department of Energy advanced an additional $3.7 million dollars to LEEDC to continue engineering work on the wind farm.  According to an article written by www.Cleveland.com, the windmills will produce enough electricity to power 6000 homes by 2019. What a great thing for Cleveland.



4: The Port Of Cleveland


The Port of Cleveland is located directly west of First Energy Stadium. According to www.portofcleveland.com, Cleveland averages 13 million tons of cargo each year. They ship materials such as steel, wind turbine components, and other bulk products. According to www.Marinedelivers.com, the company as a whole (they operate in areas outside of Cleveland as well) employs 227,000 people and generates $35 billion dollars’ worth of revenue each year.


5: The Islands


The final item on this list is probably to most familiar to most people. There is a chain of islands located north of Sandusky on Lake Erie. You may have heard of Kelley’s Island or Put-In-Bay, located on the South Bass Island.

While the Islands are not businesses themselves, they provide the opportunity for many others to operate. Both islands are tourist locations and grow grapes for wine. The islands provide a great destination if you are looking for a great summertime “daycation” or a similar short term getaway to have a lot of fun. The islands are accessible airplane and boat. They offer fairy rides to the island near Sandusky called the Jet Express. On South Bass Island all kinds of water sports are offered. If  water sports are not your interest, you can cruise around the island on a golf cart or moped visiting the wineries, shopping and enjoying the weather.


Finial Thoughts

Lake Erie provides great opportunities for companies to use it as resource to make money and stimulate to our economy.  As you can see from this list, many interesting companies operate on Lake Erie.

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  1. The cover photo for this listicle actually shows an algae that has invaded the Lake and actually effects the plant and animal life in the Lake. Just a fun fact I learned in my natural history class.

  2. I am a frequent visitor to the Port of Cleveland as required by my employer. Every time I visit I find it amazing to see all of those vessels there and the shear size of the equipment used to handle the unloading and loading of the bulk materials that are transported. Beyond that, the salt mines are also a unique experience, down there it feels like you in a different world. I would recommend going on a tour sometime and experience it for yourself!

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