5½ reasons to buy the Amazon Echo

Have you ever been sitting on your couch annoyed with all the work you have to do and just cannot handle it? Chillax and buy the Amazon Echo. Hungry? Ask Alexa to order you some pizza. Need to go grocery shopping? Ask Alexa to write you a list and while at it order you an Uber to pick you up. Want her to do more? Sure! Just ask! With all the features brought to the amazon echo its one futuristic device that can be your own virtual assistant, who would not want that? Nobody. Play music or ask Alexa to turn on your lights. It was always cool to see smart homes in the movie, but now its come to reality.

1. Modern look

That solid black tube in the corner of your living room, just standing there with its blue revolving light waiting for you to say something is just the coolest looking machine ever. Amazon has done a great job with achieving Echo’s modern look. With friends over  they start to question what that black tube is, as the Amazon Echo has tendency to fit in every room with its matte black finish and blue colored ring. Th Echo is also available in white for you mom’s birthday.

2. It is loud!

It’s Saturday night and you planned to have a party at your place and remembered that you need music for the party, so you heard about the Amazon Echo and went out and bought one. With the Echo’s 2.5-inch woofer, it can deliver solid sound quality that can fill a home with music. Call out for Alexa and ask her to play a song for you or ask her to set an alarm, it will for sure wake you up. The Echo can also be used as a regular bluetooth speaker,  but Alexa can play a song on your mind already.

3. Smart home capabilities.

It was always cool to see lights turn off by a clap or a voice command in the movies, just like Tony Stark in the movie Iron Man, where he asks his virtual assistant “Jarvis” to do many tasks. Now its possible with Echo. Alexa can now control Wi-Fi connected lights, electric sockets, home appliances, Air-conditioning/heating and more. Alexa can  connect your lights with the music to visualize the beats to the songs you play.

4. Alexa has skills.

The Amazon Echo has the ability to improve itself by activating its skills. All you have to do is ask Alexa to activate the skill you want. Echo has the ability to order you pizza when you’re hungry, request an Uber driver to come and pick you up, turn off your Philips Hue lights or turn on your Nest Thermostat Amazon is adding to the list of skills Alexa has all the time.

5. Alexa is born ready.

Alexa is ready for any command. Ask Alexa what the weather is in Paris this weekend before your trip to know what to pack. Forgot when thanksgiving is? Alexa knows. Want to add milk to you shopping list? ask her to do that to. Alexa has been able to answer all sorts of questions for you and accomplish tasks for you and is constantly developing itself and even adapting to your own accent to be able to understand future requests or questions.

5½. Just buy it

Alexa is worth $179 and is completely worth it for what it can do. As the Amazon Echo is an astonishing hands-free device capable of performing personal assistant activities.  With the Echo having the skills needed to execute commands by the user to play music, order and Uber or even order pizza. The Echo is a device to surely modernize your home.

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7 thoughts on “5½ reasons to buy the Amazon Echo

  1. Personally, I think that this device is a joke. If Americans are getting so lazy that they cant even turn on the lights and change a song by hand then there is a problem. No wonder our country is predicted to become obese and less intelligent. We are getting lazy!

  2. I have been really on the fence of getting one of these. I’m definitely leaning towards getting one now.

  3. I really liked the 5 1/2 reasons to buy the Echo. I received the Echo Dot for my birthday and I absolutely love it. I mean yes to some it may seem lazy, but for myself. I have a lot of thoughts going on an questions I ask on a daily basis, so this makes it helpful. I use the Echo Dot for music a lot while I am studying or doing homework.

  4. I think you just made a sale! After reading this I have looked more into this and am going to ask for it for my birthday! I love the alexa command and think it will be very useful for my home. If I do get it, I will use it mostly for music, not to order my uber for me!

  5. (And 1/2) nice one.
    Makes your title unique.
    I don’t think I have ever seen an (and 1/2) on an article title before.
    Your article has just the right information.
    I feel like buying an Alexa now.

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