5 Reasons to Join Loyalty Reward Programs

Recall your last visit to your local retailer, now let’s recall what the cashier said to you as you approached the counter. More than likely they asked you to provide your phone number and or email address. What was your response? Did you provide them with the most personal information that you could tell a stranger? Or, did you give them “the look” and ask them to just proceed with the transaction?

The typical customer will say no when asked for a phone number or email. Most aren’t aware that the employee is only trying to sign you up for their loyalty program. Instead, customers are often convinced that the company is going to harass them with phone calls or unwanted emails. If we take the time to actually listen to the benefits of being a loyal customer, the dreaded name and email question wouldn’t be such a threat. Retailers offer a variety of perks and all you have to do is simply sign up.

1. Convenience

Most programs consist of a rewards card that has to be scanned in order to access your account. This may become a hassle if every time you have to search through your wallet or fumble with your keys. Due to the fact that technology is continuously improving, customers are now able to pull up these cards on their phones. With this feature people are more likely to want to scan their card since it is readily available on the device we always have handy. In fact, 60% of people would prefer a program that offered a mobile app.

2. No More Lost Receipts

Let’s be honest, when your cashier hands you the receipt it is usually tossed to the bottom of a purse or tucked away in the pocket of jeans that end up in the washer. No longer will this have to happen. When you become a loyal customer your receipts are digitized. This means you will never have to search for that annoying piece of paper again! Additionally, more retailers are giving the option of emailed receipts to consumers.

3. Shipping

No inventory? No problem? One of the perks of being a part of a loyalty program is that the retailer will often times offer free shipping directly to your doorstep. This is definitely a deal breaker when it comes to most customers. The Walkers Sands Future of Retail report found that 9 out of 10 consumers rate free shipping the number one incentive of shopping online and being a loyal customer.

4. Loyalty

What most people don’t realize is that if you are loyal to a retailer they will be loyal to you. The more you shop with a certain company the more they will send offers your way. Being a member of these programs ups your chances in being sent a coupon that other customers may not have access to. 72% of customers are willing to sign up for programs if it means earning something in return. This builds a trusting relationship between the company and the consumer, hence the old saying “You scratch my back, I scratch yours.”

5. Free Stuff!

Upon joining a loyalty program you are often times rewarded with something free. Restaurants are known for offering a free appetizer and companies geared towards clothing will offer you a deal such as $10 off your next purchase or 20% off the first purchase you make through their website. When you sign up you may often times be asked to provide your birthday. This is just another way to earn free items. Companies will send you a special gift during the month of your birthday just for being apart of their program and shopping with them.

Additionally, research shows that 70% of consumers refuse to join loyalty programs because of the time it takes. The satisfaction that you get out of joining definitely outweighs the downtime of signing up. Being a part of these programs can only benefit you. There are no hidden fees and the perks are incredible. So the next time the cashier asks you to provide an email address, keep in mind that the happiness you will gain from it is unlimited.

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  1. I shop at so many places and never take advantage of the rewards cards! I do like the VS pink app though, they are always giving out free stuff and good deals. I like that the receipts are digital also. So many times I have lost my receipt when I wanted to return something, and it was a nightmare! Great topic!

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