Top 5 Businesses that Should Attract Accountants in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland offers countless businesses to work for from banks to hospitals to schools and much more. But which companies are the best of the best for accountants? In no specific order, this article will break these top five companies down by dependability through revenue, salary, and also ability to grow within the company.

Since workers in Ohio are some of the least happy in the US, it is important to find the right company for you. Choose wisely. Remember that pay isn’t always the most important factor when finding a career straight out of college.


  1. Cohen & Co.

This CPA firm is ranked as the 74th largest in the country. The company was found in 1977 and gross $25-50 million a year between their 8 locations. They were recognized as one of the best accounting firms to work for in the country as well. The headquarters location in Cleveland is ideal for Cleveland State University graduates since it is on Euclid Avenue, right down the street from the college. Also, 3 of their 8 locations are in Ohio- Akron, Youngstown, and Cleveland.


  1. Skoda Minotti CPAs

Internships that lead to a full-time career are extremely important and Skoda Minotti offers these. Not only do they offer internships, but they also offer a leadership development program to encourage management positions.  Since pay is also important, they give competitive salaries and performance bonuses periodically.  Their three locations are in Cleveland, Akron, and Tampa, Florida. These locations together have a yearly average revenue of $25-50 million.


  1. Cleveland Clinic

At the Cleveland Clinic, if an employee wishes to continue their education, they offer tuition reimbursement. Also, with any job at the Clinic comes extensive benefits including disability and life insurance. Along with benefits, they provide market-competitive pay and wish for all of their employees to grow and succeed for their company.  The company first started in 1921 in a very small setting and has grown into a company which has a revenue of $2-5 billion a year and getting even larger.


  1. KeyBank

The ability to grow within a company is a feature that many people look for in a career, and KeyBank can provide this since they only promote within the company. They follow the trend of competitive pay, starting with internship positions. Also, going back to school isn’t an issue since they offer employees tuition reimbursement. The central Cleveland location is the main headquarters of the company which makes for convenience for CSU graduates. Dependability is very high; the company has a revenue over $2-5 billion per year and has been a large competitor in the field since 1849.


  1. Maloney + Novotny LLC

Selected as one of Accounting Today’s best accounting firms to work for, this firm is important for CPAs since they will reimburse up to $3,500 for review and exam fees for employees. Locations of this firm vary from Cleveland (headquarters location), to Canton, to Worthington, Ohio. They also offer internships for college graduates to work with experienced professionals in the field. For over 85 years they have been in business and each year their revenue is from $10-25 million.


No matter what company you choose to work for, make it one that you love. As an accountant, the career opportunities are virtually endless. Sticking with one firm or company can give the option to be promoted within and grow as an individual. Your career becomes your life so remember, choose wisely!




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