5 Reasons to Hire Through Social Networking Sites


More than a hundred thousand new businesses start every year in the U.S. According to CNN 452,835 new businesses started in the year 2014. CNN also reported that 151,000 new jobs were added in August 2016. There are always new businesses starting and more jobs being added, this means companies are always looking to hire. Many companies have recently started recruiting new employees through social media sites. In December of 2015, 73% of the social networking hires were made through the site called LinkedIn, 14% were made through Facebook, and the rest were made through other sites including: Twitter and YouTube, as shown in the graph below. What are the benefits of hiring through social media sites, how is it better than hiring the old fashioned way?


1. Cost-Effective



The conventional way of recruitment requires lots of resources including office space for interviews and expensive advertising. Recruitment through social media sites requires hardly any resources and costs substantially less. The only thing the applicants have to do is make an account on a social media site which is free and just look for jobs for which they can apply online. Advertising is also cheaper online and reaches more people. An ad posted on Facebook is seen by millions of people and costs much less than conventional ads on billboards or magazines and is not seen by nearly as many people.

2. Find Red Flags

When recruiting through social media sites an applicant’s application is not the only source of information you have on the applicant. Employers can run searches online and learn more about applicants through their social media sites. Among all of the positive things you will find on the applicant’s social media site you may also end up finding some negative things on there, things that the applicant may not have put on his or her application. An article on CareerBuilder mentions several things employers don’t like seeing on their applicants’ social media, including: provocative pictures, information about them drinking or using drugs, offending their previous company, and several others. This way the employer is able to hire new employees efficiently.

3. Faster Recruitment

The traditional method of recruitment was generally a lengthy process. It required applicants to submit physical applications and the employer would then have to go through each of them one by one and search for the right candidate. When applying through social media, the whole process of recruitment can be done instantly over various social media platforms. Employers also have the ability to filter through the applicants and search for exactly what they are looking for, this way they can fill up vacant spots much faster.

4. Better Insight of the Applicant’s Skills

A résumé does not show enough about an applicant since it is limited. Through the use of social media sites you get to run searches on the applicants and see what they are into and get an idea of what they are like and how hiring them will benefit the company. An article on Business News Daily mentions numerous things employers look for on applicants’ social media, including: good personality, great communication skills, a professional image, background information matching the job description, and a few more points.

5. Increased Brand Recognition


Hiring through social media gets the company’s name out there. When people find out that a certain company is recruiting through social media it creates a buzz and makes want to research the company, thus creating the perfect opportunity to advertise. Companies that have a strong social media presence are seen as more trustworthy, this is an important trait to have when recruiting through social media.


The practice of hiring through social media is growing fast. There are now apps and websites for the purpose of creating job applications. Applicants can then upload their applications so companies can go through them and pick the one they believe will benefit them the most. Companies are also approaching people through social media sites with job offers even if they are not looking for jobs.


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