5 Steps to Create an Internal Communication Policy

1. Understand the structure and culture of your organization.

  • Who are the power sources (influencers)?
  • Are the employees able to accept change?
  • Tools like the Kubler-Ross Change Curve are helpful in this stage.


2. Evaluate the management style of your leaders.

  • Research shows that leaders employ an authentic leadership style are more likely to be successful in driving change within an organization.



3. Evaluate the informal and formal communication channels and policies.

  • A review of existing policies and standard operating procedures is necessary.  Many organizations have communication infrastructure in place but it is not used or not used correctly.
  • Identify the areas that need attention (survey management and labor both).


4. Address one area of concern at a time. When it works move on to the next one.  Do not implement all changes at once.

  • Do not overwhelm members of the organization with too much all at once.
  • Expect resistance from employees especially those that have been with the organization for a long time.
  • Implement new initiatives one at a time.  Assess the impact.   Make changes if it does not work.  Move on to the next if it does.



5. Make sure all changes make sense. Failure in one area will doom all others.                  

  • Seek feedback, monitor progress, repeat the process.
  • Do not be discouraged.  Change comes slowly.



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