10 Social Media Practices Donald Trump & Leaders Alike Should Use

Based on the research from Case Study: Twitter and Donald Trump – A Study in Campaign Rhetoric (McConnell, 2016) and suggestions from Pemberton, I’ve come up with ten bullet point practices that Donald Trump and any professional leadership figure could use in the future on social media.



  1. Hire a reliable, reputable social media consultant. Trump was influenced to increase his social media presence by hiring his former video editor for The Apprentice, Justin McConney, as his director of new media. Although McConney is Trump’s director for social media, Trump is still responsible for his own personal tweets. McConney does not have the social media marketing experience to be aiding Trump through his presidency on social media. Trump’s tweets are crass, abrupt, and at times grammatically incorrect. Sometimes he ends his tweets with a multiple word reaction of what he says. Here’s an example using ‘Very Un-American!’. This will likely give Trump attention, yes, but in a negative light. A consultant would help proofread & edit his content, create content that is positive, coherent and appealing to all audiences not just his own.Donald Trump Tweet "Un-American"
  2. Restrict content being produced and use the social platforms more as a business tactic rather than a personal and emotional place to air grievances. Often times Trump deliberates current events and updates on what his plans are in office, but other times he uses Twitter to vent his unhappiness of his portrayal in news sources. This makes his account seem inconsistent, unnecessary and immature. If he cuts back his postings to 2-3 per day, while keeping each post focused on subjects that matter to the public, he will have a much more favorable view from society.  Donald Trump Tweet Feb 9
  3. Stop criticizing your enemies and the media. The whole reason Trump is in the spotlight 24/7 is due to the media, so every time he bashes a reputable news source he is mocking the industry that he shines in. This comes off as arrogant and egotistical. Take all news sources into account and stop identifying sides of the media that are not in favor of your opinion.Donald Trump Tweet Solution 3
  4. Proofread and edit material. Seriously, take an English writing course and have someone edit your content before publishing. As a public figure in such a respectable position, there is nothing more humiliating than having grammatical errors written for everyone to see. Trump has made numerous careless grammatical and incoherent statements that hurt his image as our President. SP Tweet1SP2new
  5. Use good content. A good practice in social media to increase engagement and satisfy your audience is to use good content. This ranges from hashtags, photos and videos to links, facts, and data. Trump occasionally posts photos and links inconsistently and with representation. His tweets are often choppy, dry, incoherent and unprofessional. Good Content Obama TW
  6. Site sources. Often times Trump will elaborate on facts that he either doesn’t have the exact data to or will state that that his advisers informed him on a situation and gave him the facts to avoid blame of any incorrect information. Before any tweets are published he should have credible data and sources to back up all his arguments to avoid embarrassment and inconsistency. Site Sourcessite sources response
  7. Engage less. Now this solution goes against most social media strategies because most companies and leaders alike want to engage with their audience to earn feedback and build relationships with their customers or followers. Trump, on the other hand, could take a step back from his engagement. He responds in tweets to the media, rather than staying quiet and giving the impression that the media doesn’t faze him. This makes him look weak and immature. If he posted a little more infrequently, the media would cut back their analysis on his every word. Too many Tweets
  8. Customize and stick with your brand. Trump’s brand image from day one has been “Make America Great Again”. Although we can see this statement plastered all over his Twitter he strays away from his brand and fails to elaborate on how he’s going to make America great. His Twitter handle should be looked at as a consumer portal where we as a society will receive the satisfaction and expectations from a President that we as Americans deserve. SP3
  9. Use multiple platforms. It’s funny that Trump’s most resonated social tool is Twitter. It’s funny because not only are most of his dedicated followers not even using that platform, but also his generations are the majority users and engagers on Facebook. In order for Trump to have a professional representation of himself he should be utilizing his other social tools in a greater light. If he has issues with present media stories he can write a short paragraph on Facebook or even blog about his current emotions rather than submitting short outbursts on Twitter. Donald Trump's Facebook
  10. Be more charismatic. Followers can appreciate a leader who fascinates their audience with a positive attitude. In a world so full of negativity, the last thing we need is more doubt and sadness. Obama did a great job of staying positive even in the toughest situations and his audience and followers reciprocated. Solution 10 Positivity

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