9 Top Threats of Listicle.Solutions: SWOT REPORT

1. Hacking 

The biggest threat to Listicle Solutions is hacking, which would consist of two types; internal and external. Internal hacking can be done by previous students logging in and changing scholarly content into inappropriate subjects. Current students may also accidentally delete important files. External hacking is usually performed by outside sources such as cyber criminals, other universities, or other hackers for the excitement and joy of it.  Hackers may want to simply destroy all of your records and personal information, as well as the hard work that has been invested into the website by students.

2. Security and Firewall

In order to provide the proper security for the website and its users, a web application firewall (WAF) should be placed on the website server. A WAF reads all information that passes through it, protects your servers from hackers, and filters out unwanted traffic. An in-depth strategy for defense is required for data security, and protects where data is stored, and who accesses it. SPAM and unsolicited advertising can also be blocked by a WAF.

3. Cyber Bullying

Students belonging to the website are subjected to acts of bullying. Perpetrators are able obtain students names, locate them on various social media, and harass them for not agreeing with the content written or for narcissistic entertainment. These types of negative actions can hinder student’s ability to deliver to add originality to their work.

4. Plagiarism

Plagiarism can be easily performed by the student writers, even though it may be unintentional. Students may neglect to cite their sources, steal ideas and pass other’s work off as their own, and fail to put a quotation in quotation marks. They may also obtain various pictures from the internet without acknowledging where they came from. This can cause legal issues of the context being produced.

5. Reputation  and credibility

Listicle Solutions writers have a duty to uphold the reputation of themselves, the university, and the owner of the website. Having credible work can increase the traffic flow of the website, as well as add merit to the university’s name.

6. Terms of Use

The “terms of use” of a site provides the users with the rules of how the content is to be used. It lists what the intentions of the website are, as well as what the information can be used for. The “terms of use” is a guideline on how to operate the website and its content.

7. Maintenance

A website must be maintained properly in order for appropriate function. Maintenance includes updating all data and security systems, fixing errors, improving appearance of the website, and keeping current work updated.

8. Appearance (vs. competitor’s appearance)

Appearance is important to users because it is what attracts them to a website. Listicle Solutions is not easy on the eyes, is unorganized, and has a confusing layout. Current user of Listicle Solutions must scroll down to the bottom in order to login. This can be confusing since most websites offer access to their users at the top of their websites. Furthermore, it is not easy to find Listicle Solutions. When searching a specific topic in a search engine (such as Google), it is not listed on the first page, making it harder to access the content Listicle Solutions seeks to provide to the public. This makes it less popular on the web, unlike its competitors.

9. Lack of original topics

Lack of originality is a threat to websites that provide helpful topics. Students must provide fresh content that is not found on other websites in order for Listicle Solutions to thrive. It is vital to the growth of the website. It is best for students to use case studies, site scholarly articles and other credible work in order for their content to be taken more seriously. Students should come up with topics that are not discussed as much or provide information on a topic that is hard to obtain in order to provide originality to their topics

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