5 Ways Twitter Can Promote Business

Twitter is one of the largest social media sites in the entire world. With all the users comes advertising and it has invaded it. Twitter Can be a great way for businesses to promote themselves. It’s free, quick and easy and can be a useful tool for any business to incorporate into their marketing strategy. It’s simple to use for the business and the users to gain information regarding products and details regarding the business. There are many ways to promote your business but none are come with the ease of using twitter. Here are five ways businesses can utilize twitter as a great promotional tool.tw

  1. Introduce your brand/company

What this means is you want to show people what you are as a company and to give brief information about your company. To do this you need to make your profile by putting the name of your business. Next you need to come up with a twitter handle, this is how people will find you on twitter. Try to make this something catchy so people remember this name. This is quick information your business can use to gain some attention.wq

  1. Give important details about your business

For this next step you are going to give more details to your profile by giving the location of your business so people know where your located and you can target potential customers. Next what you want to do is give a link to your website so people can quickly access it if they are interested in your business through twitter. Lastly you want to give more details about what you do through the information in your profile.


  1. qqwConnect with as many people as you can

What you want to do is follow people that relate to your business such as customers, partners, and even competitors. This is vital because following the right people can critically enhance your business, whereas following the wrong people might mean nothing when you advertise. This will get you connected with many people related to your business by doing this it is getting the business’s name out in the public eye.33

  1. Promote your products or services

This section is where you are going to start promoting your business. What you want to do is send tweets out to your followers and do it often. You can promote, sales, special offers, new or unique products. Etc.   The more you do it the more likely you are people are going to read your tweets and follow you closer. You have 140 characters to tweet out promotions for your business, let all your followers know what is going on with your businessasd

      5. Interact with customers

The last step for promoting your business is interaction. This is going to be key to gaining more followers and showing that you care about your customer relations. What the business wants to do here is reply to its followers who are commenting on the business’s tweets This is going to be critical for gaining followers on a personal basis. I believe this is vital to creating a good business model.


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