5 Ways Facebook is useful

Facebook is the largest social network there is today. It was created on February 4, 2004, mainly for college kids. Facebook became popular and put an end to Myspace. However, Facebook has also had its downside when other social networks became popular such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Facebook then added many new features that brought a lot of attention back to the network. Facebook also owns Instagram which now makes them even bigger on social media.



  1. Facebook Videos

One cool feature they added was Facebook videos. This allowed people to see videos on their timeline and it also made many people famous from making comedies. They have articles with videos as well, so it’s almost like the news because it’s a lot of information that people find out on Facebook before looking at the news.




2. Facebook Live

Facebook live is another cool feature Facebook has added that lets people go live and it allows their friends to comment and watch what’s going on. It also tells the person who is live how many viewers they have and who is also watching. Facebook live is a good thing because a lot of people go live when tragedies happen such as explosions, riots, marches, and etc. 40% of the U.S get their news on Facebook instead of TV channels.


3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger has over a billion active users daily and it is another great thing that has been added. From messenger people can secretly message people without everyone seeing it. Messenger also has video chat and phone calling and it lets people know if their friends are active and if people read their message and when someone is replying.


4. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups is self-explanatory, it’s a group that has selected people which they can only see what they post in the group instead of everyone seeing. These Facebook groups have become very popular the last couple of months, it’s good for friends, family, and businesses. Many small businesses can be started in the groups and the members help promote it.


5. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a new feature Facebook added that’s lets users buy sell and trade their products in their area. This is good because it gives people a change to auction off what they don’t need or use anymore.

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