7 Apps to Buy Concert/Sporting Event Tickets

It’s almost always a hassle to buy tickets to a sporting event or concert. Getting the best deal, the best price for good seats, can be stressful.  While back in the day, this was extremely difficult to accomplish, with today’s technology, it has become far more simple to buy the best tickets to your desired sporting event or concert.

All you need is an iPhone or android.  With a couple taps to the screen you will be in the best ticket your money can buy.  There are hundreds of ticket apps available on the market or in the play store of your mobile device and choosing the right app is key.  This listicle will provide information on the best ticket apps available.  All of these apps are going to be free and very user friendly.  These 7 apps will have you ready to enjoy watching your favorite team  or listening to your favorite artist.

1. Live Nation


Live Nation is an app that sells tickets to see the hottest artist or band playing a concert near you!  In order to avoid missing your favorite concert, Live Nation allows the user to set alerts to their phone when the desired artist or band will be playing near them.  Once alerted, the user can go to the Live Nation app and search for the best available tickets.  Live Nation has a feature that allows the user to see a picture of where the ticket they are buying is located in the venue.  Along with purchasing the ticket the user can get themselves a parking pass along with driving directions to the venue.

2. StubHub


StubHub is an app where the user can purchase any type of ticket, whether it is to see their favorite team or go to a concert.  StubHub has some of the best deals when it comes to buying tickets on an app.  StubHub has a reputation of being extremely organized and the users feel secure.  StubHub not only allows users to buy tickets, but they can also sell them on the app too.  One disadvantage is that processing fees have increased due to it being one of the best ticket apps on the market.

3. Vivid Seats


Vivid seats is an app similar to StubHub, users can buy tickets to a sporting event or concert.  Vivid Seats is most known for the way they treat their customers.  If there is a problem with the users order the customer service team, Vivid Seats is quick to find the problem and come up with a resolution.  The Vivid Seats app is easy to use and they have a great selection of tickets.  Unfortunately, Vivid Seats has a processing fee of 14%.  If the user can afford to pay that processing fee than Vivid Seats is one of the best apps on the market to buy tickets.

4. Ticketmaster


Ticketmaster is one of the biggest ticket distributors in the market.  Ticketmaster has been open since 1976 and today it is still one if the top apps to buy tickets.  Ticketmaster can be used to buy tickets to a sporting event or concert.  Ticketmaster is the right app to use if you want your order to be guaranteed, safe, and secure.  Along with Vivid Seats, Ticketmaster has one of the best customer service departments.  One of the biggest cons to Ticketmaster is that the tickets seem to sell out rather quickly.

5. SeatGeek


SeatGeek is another app that allows users to buy tickets to sporting events or concerts.  SeatGeek allows its users to view the seats on color-coded maps.  On SeatGeek, the users can receive their tickets electronically or they can print them.  SeatGeek can be confusing to some of its customers.  SeatGeek may have hidden fees when it comes to buying the tickets.

6. Flash Seats


6Flash Seats can be used to buy ticket to concerts and sporting events.  Flash Seats is a very unique app because there are so many different options.  Flash Seats lets users buy tickets, sell tickets, and transfer tickets to other users.  Flash Seats is only electronic, meaning there are no paper tickets involved.  Instead of using tickets to get into the event, all the user needs to do is swipe their credit card or driver’s license at the gate.  This avoids the inconvenience of carrying around a paper ticket and eliminates the possibility of losing it.

7. Gametime


Gametime is an app that carries tickets to concerts and sporting events happening near you.  After choosing the desired event Gametime gathers the 50 best seating options available and the user can then choose which tickets they would like to buy.  Gametime also has a picture of where the seat is located before choosing it.  Gametime delivers the tickets through your phone, and then you can deliver the tickets to the people you are going with by text.  Gametime also allows the user to sell tickets.

It is important to find tickets without a hassle so you can enjoy the event.  All of these apps make it easier to buy tickets without getting frustrated.  These apps allow you to order tickets quickly and easily.  Now that you know of these 7 apps, use them and go see your favorite team play, or go to that concert you’ve been waiting for and enjoy!

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