5 Ways Social Media Promotes Bad Publicity

Whether it is used to keep up to date with long-lost friends or to play Candy Crush, millions of people use social media all over the world. Many people can get so caught up in the benefits of social media and all of the positive ways it can promote their lives that they fail to realize how easy it can be for one bad post to be seen by numerous wrong people. For this reason, this listicle explains the ways social media can promote bad publicity.

  1. Bad News Travels Fastscreen-shot-2016-12-10-at-12-07-57-pm

Social media is specifically designed to help you keep up with trending information. While everybody knows this can help the public keep up with current information around the world, many forget to realize that includes bad information as well. This is a big part of the reason why you may recognize athletes try  extremely hard to filter everything they say. Many athletes in particular understand this can affect them more than anything. The media is just waiting for many athletes to slip up and say one wrong thing in order to create a headline for their next story. Be careful what you post, social media will spread bad news just as fast, if not, faster than good news


  1. Friends and Neighbors Can Post About You

Another aspect of social media people fail to monitor is posts coming from friends or other people around your community. Just like anyone else, the people in your community post every day about what they experienced. And who’s to stop your friend, who happens to know your boss, from putting last night’s party all over Facebook the next day. Social media is free for anyone to post whatever they want to, if someone at worked happened to be having a bad day and unintentionally said or did the wrong thing around a customer, they could easily take it to social media. At that point, all it would take is someone in your industry to see the post and have you fired for bad customer service. You never really know who may be watching you, so try not to do anything you wouldn’t want someone else to post about you either.

  1. Open for The Public to View2

Social media is free for anyone to use. People are able to determine who they follow and who follows them. But who is to stop someone who follows you from showing a video to someone who doesn’t follow you? Even if you can determine who follows your posts it still doesn’t take much effort for someone who doesn’t follow you to see what you post. Also, on most social media websites other people can repost something another person posted. This makes it extremely easy for posts to go viral. Each and every day we see the result of this on an Instagram or Facebook feed. Sometimes it works for people and allows them the good publicity they work for. But for every positive post on social media there is another humiliating post about someone doing something completely stupid, or a post about someone getting fired, fined or arrested.

  1. Easier to Steal Identification

screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-12-11-17-pmSocial media makes it extremely easy for people from anywhere to see photos and information that someone has specifically posted about themselves, such as a birthdate, where they live, even where they will be going and who they will be with that night. Which makes it extremely easier for people to recreate an account and pose as someone else. Allowing them to follow whoever they want and post whatever they want under the impression of someone else and that is just the beginning of how far it could be taken. The information we pots on social media can sometimes be more personal than we realize and depending on what you post and how often you post someone can really learn more about you than you want them too.

  1. Public Often Influences Decisions3

Many people use social media as a way to promote themselves, however, in doing so, they make posts relevant to what their followers want to see. This allows for the public to create a greater influence on what you post and it may not be the image you have in mind for yourself. For example, one might post a picture of him/herself shirtless or in a skimpy bikini in order attract followers and likes. While many people may like a picture of a girl in her bikini or a guy with his shirt off, many other people will look at how revealing and inappropriate it is. Especially, if someone at work comes across an extremely revealing post. Some people may post solely based on what others want to see rather than using social media to truly express who they are, or their own personality.

We also may not always realize how easy it could be for the wrong information to get out to the wrong people. Next time you get on social media or go out with your friends think about what information you really want to be posting.


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