4 ways to improve the way you order food

Many of us live our daily lives chalk full of things to do and have no time to even think about the meals we will eat on a given day. It’s 2016 and it has become a time of ease and convenience when it comes to getting the food you want. The following will be discussed in this informative listicle; Uber Eats, Skip The Dishes, Blue Apron, and Amazon Prime Pantry. With these four methods of ordering food, you will be able to receive all the good eats that you’ve been craving without leaving your home.

  1. Uber Eats:

imgres Uber Eats is a service provided by Uber Technologies that picks up and delivers food to a requesting individual. The existing Uber name that many people know is a personal taxi service that can be summoned to your exact location for transportation. Individuals use this for the convenience and ease of being driven to a destination of their choosing. With Uber Eats, individuals can now order food from favorite local spots via the Uber Eats app, and pay for it all in app. The food will be picked up and delivered by drivers hired by Uber. The app will provide an estimated delivery time and will show the price, including delivery cost and tip. This can all be paid for with a person’s existing Uber account.

URL: ubereats.com

2. Skip The Dishes:

logo_square_share Skip The Dishes is a company originated in Canada that also will pick up and deliver food of your choosing, hence the name “Skip The Dishes”. You can order from a local restaurant via their app or online and they will provide you with an estimated time of arrival and price for your food. Just like Uber Eats, you can pay for the transaction in app with no need to tip the driver. Skip The Dishes is a long lived reliable source for cravings without the need to get in your car and drive. They hire trusted food couriers so you know you can rely on your delivery on schedule and in correct form.

URL: skipthedishes.com

  1. Blue Apron

imgres-1 Blue Apron is the best way to cook at home, stress free. With Blue Apron, you can select and choose from hundreds of seasonal recipes on their website or app, and have those recipes shipped to you in a neat package. This package includes the correct quantities of food pre-measured along with a recipe step-by-step guide card so you know exactly how to prepare the meal. Meal sizes can range from as little to as big as needed, all conveniently shipped to your door. This service is for people who enjoy cooking at home, making meals from raw ingredients, yet want to skip the step of going to several stores to track down the ingredients.

URL: blueapron.com

4. Amazon Prime Pantry

imgres-2 If you’re familiar with Amazon Prime, you know that is can be so nice to have everything you’re looking for ready to ship at a moments notice. With Amazon Prime Pantry, groceries and all household needs can now be purchased and shipped in one convenient package. Users can select from all types of grocery list needs, add them to their pantry box, and choose when to receive the items. If a pantry box is filled with at least 5 items, the shipping is free. Another benefit of Prime Pantry is scheduled reoccurring deliveries for the things needed weekly

URL: amazon.com/gp/pantry/info

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