Seven Reasons why GroupMe is an Effective Communication App

Group text messages have been a popular way for people in a group to communicate with each other. Since the introduction of the smart phone, they have been widely used. An individual can send information to a group of people and receive ideas back form everyone in the group. This was a huge advantage over the old method of sending individual messages to many people.

When I got my first smart phone and started using group messages, I loved it. I was connected to a large group of people using the default messaging app that came with my phone. However, problems soon arose. The service could be slow, especially when sending pictures. If an another person wanted to be added, a new whole group would have to be created and the old one would be abandoned. More problems arose, but solutions were limited.

When my friend suggested that the rest of my friends and I download GroupMe, I was skeptical. It seemed like a lot of work to switch messaging services, and although I knew my basic messaging app had issues, I was hesitant to change. According to an article from Forbes, GroupMe is owned by popular communication service Skype, a popular communication service that many people use around the world. However, since using GroupMe, I have never looked back. GroupMe is an easy and effective app for group messaging that I highly recommend for anyone. I have compiled seven reasons why GroupMe is a great app for effective communication.

  1. GroupMe is Available on Multiple Platforms


Whether you use Apple or Android as your phone of choice, it makes no difference if you have GroupMe. Users can even use other devices, such as tablets and computers, to access GroupMe. When my phone stopped working one day, I thought I would be disconnected from the world until I got a new one. However, I was able to download GroupMe on my tablet and resume all my conversations on that device. This is a major advantage over regular group messages, which are only available on phones. Unlike other messaging apps such as iMessage, which is only available on Apple products, or Verizon Messages, available for Verizon customers, GroupMe can be used by anyone. This is great for group messages that contain people with different products.

  1. You Can Keep Your Personal Life and Professional Life Separate


Are you friends with coworkers on Facebook? Does this change your decision in what you post? The division between your personal life and professional life is major concern in our current world of communication and social media. With GroupMe, you don’t have to worry about this. If you are in a group with people you work with, they cannot see any other messages you are in. You can easily use GroupMe for social reasons and professional reasons, such as a group for work. Users can even change their profile name from group to group if they wish.

  1. It is Incredibly Easy to Start Groups


GroupMe makes it quick and easy to start group messages. On the bottom right hand corner of the screen, there is an icon for new group messages. After choosing a name for the group, just click on the contacts of the people you want to add to your new group. Once finished, the members will be emailed and notified that they have been added to the group. Other options when starting a group include adding a profile image for your group (this can be changed anytime). This makes it easy to locate a specific group message in a long list. The ability to create new messages at any time gives users the ability to create groups for whatever reason they want.

  1. Members Can Be Added (or Removed) from the Group Message at Anytime


Have you ever had a group message that you wanted to add a new member to, but the service you use doesn’t allow it? This is not a problem with GroupMe. In my old message service, if a member had to be added, the only option was to create a whole new message. GroupMe allows members to be added to existing groups at any time. In addition to this, new members can access the past conversations of the group just like they were involved the whole time. Members can also remove themselves from groups they no longer want to be part of.

  1. GroupMe gives Users the Ability to “Like” Messages


Those familiar with Twitter will note similarities between the widely used social media app and GroupMe. If a user likes a message that was sent to a group, they can click on a heart icon next to the message to show the sender their approval of the message. While this might seem like a small feature, it is actually very convenient. It shows that the people in your group “like” the message for whatever reason. This is much faster than sending back “I agree” or “lol” or whatever it is you use to send approval. The number of likes is recorded for each message, which gives the sender positive feedback. In addition, messages that are “liked” are put into a special folder that is easy accessible for the members to view. GroupMe also keeps track of the most liked messages for each member and the most liked messages of the month.

  1. Users are Able to Create Events


One of the most helpful things with GroupMe is the ability to let the users in your group know about future events. Just click on the “event” icon to get started. The creator just enters the name, time, and place of the event. GroupMe will do the rest. The members of the group are notified that the event has been created and can click on icons to let the rest of the group know if they are going or not. The creator of the event can also add a picture, precise location on a map, and description of the event. The members who are attending the event will be reminded closer to the time of the event if the creator wishes. Could you imagine giving all this information out in a single message? GroupMe makes planning events a lot easier and efficient.

  1. It is Extremely Easy to Share Pictures, GIFS, and Videos with GroupMe


If you were to share a YouTube video using the group messaging service provided from your phone, you would have to go to YouTube and get the link, then go back to the message to send it. With GroupMe, you can search for videos without ever leaving the app. GIFS and pictures are also easy to find using the GroupMe search bar. On top of this, GroupMe also comes with a meme generator, so anybody can turn a picture or GIF into something else. These options are incredibly fast and are quickly received by the other members of your group. This gives you the option to turn your group into a fun gathering of humor in seconds.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend GroupMe for a group messaging service to anyone. It is easy to use and has many useful features. These features give it advantages to the other messaging services people use. If you are looking for a new app to replace your outdated group messaging service, download GroupMe today.

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Screenshots taken from GroupMe app:

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