5 Reasons We Are Moving To Streaming Services


We as a society have been slowly progressing towards streaming services for the past ten years. How the times have changed has been a very big factor, but it is still very interesting to try to think where we will be with this sort of technology in the near future. As for now though we can only look at the numbers and make our predictions and connections as to what is coming. Here is a list of 5 reasons why we are moving to streaming services.

1.The cost of streaming still remains most affordable.

Now a day the price of cable television remains much higher than the price of streaming services. Cable services have survived from an expense standpoint on advertisements and from their high rates to keep up with their programming. A low one-month payment for streaming services has been what has revolutionized its popularity.


Streaming services have finally started to incorporate advertisement into their basic services. Streaming sites use to be commercial free but now they have moved to slowly incorporating them in. However, cable programming still is much worse when it comes to advertising content. One thing that has brought viewers to the streaming world is through the promise of lack of advertisements. This is a great concept but there are some exceptions, like Hulu, that have started to go against the common conception of ads in streaming sites.


For years’ cable television has been held back by its accessibility. Streaming services are now completely on the go and are available from a variety of devices. Granted low or weak signal will inhibit your ability to properly view streaming services. There still is no getting around the fact that streaming has the advantage on accessibility, and it does not look like that is going to change any time soon.

4.Original Content

A common misconception is that cable companies control the content that is showcased throughout their list of channels that they offer on their network. This is actually not true and cable companies just provide a platform for networks to showcase their content. Streaming services have changed the game by creating, controlling, and producing quality original content that they can brand in any way that they see fit.

5.Time Management

Streaming services offer the possibility to view and binge watch shows at the leisure of the viewer. With cable television you can record only so much content before you must make the choice on to what you can view at any time. With the ever growing list of titles available across the streaming platforms it is hard to see how it is not the future.

This is a chart showing the level of popularity of the general streaming services that are currently available.


This is a great demographic of popularity between streaming and cable by the different age groups generally classified as.


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