6 Typologies of YouTube Videos Explained

Since its birth in 2005, YouTube has become the biggest video sharing website. Many content creators have been able to make a living off of making YouTube videos on the platform. YouTube has become a fierce competitor with even cable networks. Since YouTube began, their have been many different viral videos to become popular and slowly fade away. Some types of videos are still very popular and have become a common format for the past decade. This is a list six common YouTube video formats that you are likely to stumble upon in 2016.

1. Vlogs

Vlogs are one of the fastest growing types of videos on the platform. Vlogging is the act of filming your daily life as a summary of the day of the content creator. It is meant to be a very personal.   One of the fastest growing channels on YouTube right now belongs to Casey Neistat. Casey Neistat has over five million subscribers to his channel but before the summer began he had less than three million. The reason that his videos are so successful is because of the very different lifestyle that he lives. He is constantly travelling and most people aren’t used to that. Vlogs will continue to rise in popularity because people like seeing the world through the eyes of someone else.

2. How To Videos

YouTube is getting an increasing amount of traffic with people trying to do things themselves. These types of projects are called “DIY” (Do It Yourself) Projects and most of them can come in handy. Although a lot of these videos are projects, some videos explain how to do pretty much anything in life. They can explain how to set up a computer, to how to dye your hair. This makes YouTube a great learning tool as well. 

3. Dark Humor

Dark humor videos are popping up more and more as a more politically correct internet culture emerges. These videos are both crude and innovative because of the topics they bring up. A lot of these videos will go on about some controversy on the internet that is very popular and give their opinion on it. The content creator will then go on about how both sides are equally foolish. In a way, these videos are kind of the third party that tells viewers how foolish people are being. These videos are done in a way that show the flaws of both sides in an argument. They also often aren’t politically correct, but also aren’t very political. They tend to stick to internet trends and culture instead of real life politics. Other dark humor are funny skits and segments. These segments may include opening up mail from random fans, or inappropriate parodies.

WARNING: This video contains strong language and topics that some may find offensive.

4. Unboxing

Unboxing videos been popular ever since YouTube started. Unboxing videos are just how they sound, people unbox products. These products are usually very expensive, and often come with a review after the product is taken out of the packaging. People have become fascinated with how companies package their products. Apple pioneered premium packaging with the iPod series and hasn’t stopped since. When you open an Apple product, it is part of the experience of the product. Since then, companies have been making the packaging just as premium as the product. People love watching these unboxings and product reviews. It is important for companies to make a great product because now more than ever reviews are being made. People are not buying expensive products unless heavy research is done. 

5. Gaming

Gaming is the fastest growing section of YouTube. The channel with the most subscribers is a gaming channel in fact. People love watching video games so much the a popular term called eSports has made its way off of YouTube and onto the main cable networks. eSports are competitive events that involve playing a video game to compete much like any other sport. Along with eSports, a separate branch of YouTube has dedicated itself to streaming games. This is very popular in the YouTube community and continues to grow as it becomes easier to stream.

WARNING: This video contains strong language and topics that some may find offensive.

6. Reaction

These types of videos involve content creators watching another video and reacting to it. It was popularized by a channel called TheFineBros and ever since it has become a huge hit. Some of these videos are meant to be funny, while other videos display a difference of opinion from the way the viewer reacted to it. TheFineBros became popular with the series “Kids React”. This was a series in which kids reacted to older things that generations before them grew up with. It is very interesting to see how they react to cartoons and products that we grew up with. 

YouTube will continue to grow in change. The only thing that will stop YouTube from growing is YouTube itself. Just recently, YouTube has begun taking measures against inappropriate content. These measures have had a negative effect on the community and is angering a lot of content creators. If YouTube is able to make adjustments to these policies, while achieving their goals, they will have achieved their goal without stopping content from being created. In the future of YouTube, their will be more viral videos, and the amount of views will still rise higher than the are today.


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