Why Your Company Should Be Using Glassdoor.


Glassdoor is an online database containing millions of company reviews from past or current employees. The purpose of the website is to give jobseekers an inside view of what it is like to work for the company in question. Glassdoor provides all sorts of information about various companies, such as salary ranges, reviews regarding the interview process, employee benefits and more. The information that can be found on Glassdoor gives job seekers the ability to choose which companies they apply to based on company culture, management structure, and the overall favorability of the company ratings.

Bad company ratings can have a significant impact on how many and the type of individuals that apply for certain positions. In order to maintain a competitive edge in the job recruiting market, it is very important for every company to analyze and manage their Glassdoor ratings. As the popularity of the website continues to grow, more individuals will begin to rely on its reviews to determine which companies they are willing to work for.

According to Susan Adams, in her article “How Companies are Coping With the Rise of Employee-Review Site Glassdoor,” “only twelve percent of the companies listed on Glassdoor interact with the site, despite the fact that for no fee, they can set up an account which allows them to write descriptions of their companies, add photos and updates, respond to reviews, and get basic information about activity on their corporate profile.”. Companies that take the time to use Glassdoor can dramatically increase the positivity of their reviews, especially when they use the reviews as a source to make improvements to the internal operations of their company.

Seven Reasons Why Every Company Should Be Using Glassdoor:

  1. The reviews found on Glassdoor can be used as a way to determine the effectiveness of a company’s internal management structure. This can allow a company to analyze how their current management tactics are either motivating or hindering current employees; and determine what can be done to make improvements.gad-1
  2. Glassdoor review can also be used to critically analyze company culture. This can allow the company to determine which values and activities in the company can be implemented to foster ingenuity, efficiency, and more. gad-3
  3. One of the most useful aspects of the website is the ability to compare the reviews of multiple companies from the same industry. If a certain company has very favorable ratings, then a less successful company can study what the employees most appreciate about the company and model their own to meet the same standards.gad-4
  4. Being that Glassdoor provides detailed information regarding salary ranges and employee benefits, the website can be used to determine what compensation ranges and benefits packages are most likely to promote employee retention.gad-5
  5. Responding to negative reviews can help to show job seekers that the company cares about
    their employees and encourage more individuals to apply.gad-2
  6. Creating a Glassdoor account allows the company to communicate to job seekers what their business could offer them and better explain what skills and knowledge they desire from a prospective employee. Communicating through Glassdoor will not only make the company seem more personable, but it will also allow the company to have a medium to share their side of the story when tough situations do arise.gad-6
  7. Promoting the type of company environment that would cultivate positive Glassdoor reviews will encourage the best and most qualified potential employees to apply.gad-7


Very few businesses are taking the time to manage their reviews on Glassdoor.  As the website continues to grow in popularity, neglecting negative reviews on Glassdoor will prove to become a distinct disadvantage in the long run. The best and brightest job seekers are more likely to research the businesses they are applying to and are much more likely to apply to businesses with favorable employee reviews. If a company desires to hire the best employees, they must first build a work environment that encourages innovation and employee retention. By analyzing and managing the reviews on Glassdoor, every company will be able to make the changes necessary to become as successful as possible.








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