7 Interesting Facts about Flappy Birds


Many of us have played or at least heard of the renowned game Flappy Birds, which was a top seller on the Apple App Store in the early months of 2014. Since the creation of this app more than fifty million people have downloaded this game, resulting with a staggeringly high amount of profit and revenue being generated towards the creator of the app as well as many advertisers. After about a month of extremely high profits and app downloads, the game was suddenly taken off the app store entirely by request of its creator Dong Nguyen. This app would remain off the app store for about a year until public outcry caused Dong Nguyen to rerelease the app on several downloading platforms but bizarrely not the Apple App Store. During the year long period in which the app was off the app store, insane measures were done by many people to obtain phones that still had the app downloaded, as well as many similar knock off versions being created by a demanding public.

Suffice it to say the public had a deep love for this game.  What would seem like a simple success story on a mobile game that was relatively cheap and easy to create, quickly turned into an insane story about guilt, frustration, death, ethics, and price spikes. With that being said here are seven interesting facts about Flappy Birds, that really delve into the craziness of the story about Flappy Birds.


  1. Owner Dong Nguyen earned around 1.5 million dollars on revenue generated from Flappy Birds.
While still generating revenue today from this app, from the initial surge of its fifty million downloads Dong Nguyen was earning around fifty thousand dollars a day, and while the exact numbers aren’t disclosed to the public it is estimated that he has earned around 1.5 million in revenue from the game. 
2. Flappy Bird took only two days to create.
Many cases of success are expressed on the countless hours, and sleepless nights devoted to the accomplishment, but Dong Nguyen whom was still living with his parents at the time made his prime achievement in only two days. That two days of work, experienced the same amount of revenue of earning 36,000 dollars a year for 41 years.
3. Dong Nguyen received multiple death and suicide threats when the game was removed.
When the game was removed from the app store, Dong Nguyen received hundreds of tweets consisting of death threats and suicide threats demanding that he return the game back to the app store. While many of these suggestions were presented in a sarcastic manner, this was an extreme and scary method of criticism that no person wishes to experience.
4. Flappy Birds was removed because it was considered too addictive.
Not many people would turn away earning fifty thousand dollars a day, but the exception to that would be Dong Nguyen who believed that many people were becoming addicted to his app. He intended for this app to be used for five minutes of leisure time rather than hours of devotion.
5. Dong Nguyen lost many nights of sleep over this game.
Many would not lose sleep when you are making 50 k a day, but Dong was heavily effected by guilt over the nature in which his game was being used and had many sleepless nights as a result. He stated that he was relieved when the game was taken off the app store.
6. People bought phones containing Flappy Birds for nine hundred dollars.
When the game was taken off the app store some people went crazy in their desires to play the game. Many people who had phones that contained the Flappy Birds game, sold them on eBay for up to nine hundred dollars. If the phone was somewhat new and you put the cost of that aside, you were still paying about four hundred dollars for an app game that was free to download previously.
7. In January 2014 Flappy Birds was the most downloaded free game on the Apple App Store.
When the game was released in May of 2013 there were relatively low amounts of downloads and the game for a time seemed to be a bust. However, in the month of January 2014 the game almost instantly became the most popular game on the app store, and became a worldwide hit.
What started as a simple two-day project turned into a 1.5 million plus profit towards Dong Nguyen. This profit came at the cost however of an unimaginable amount of anger, drama, and criticism lashed at the game and its creator.  Many critics see Dongs reasoning for his removal of the game from the Apple App Store as a lie and believe there was a much larger and darker reasons to why it was removed. As of now, we may never know Dongs true reasoning for his decision, but we can use the context of his story to help us as outsiders view and analyze his success story. We can then determine for ourselves what we think the actual truth is.

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