7 Ways Twitter Can Broaden Your Social Scope

7 Ways Twitter Can Broaden Your Social Scope

Trolling, memes and non-stop ranting are just a few behaviors that have made Twitter unappealing to a large percentage of social media-capable individuals.  Many people’s first impression of Twitter is that people take to posting minuscule details of their personal life that hold no relative weight to society.  Because of this reputation, many individuals and businesses alike have steered clear of Twitter and chosen instead to establish a social media presence through the likes of  Facebook and Instagram.  This being despite the fact that Twitter relays information impeccably fast and puts it right at the fingertip of the user.  While there is certainly a fair amount of nonsense existing throughout the Twitter realm, there is just as much, if not more, relative, useful, and intelligent information – you just have to know where to look for it.  Here are 7 different ways that you can use Twitter to broaden your social scope.


1. News


While everybody wants to be up to date with the current news going on both locally and throughout the world, watching the news can be tough for a number of reasons.  Whether it be having the time to catch the broadcast, or simply the agony of having to watch stories about a nearby farmer’s goat having a large litter, sitting down and tuning into the television may not always be the best option.  Following news sources/figures on Twitter can bring breaking news to your hand the moment it happens.  You can even set notifications from your favorite accounts so that they notify you of big news without you having to even check in with them.  Make sure you choose reliable and non-biased new sources!  A couple of the most reputable and non-biased news sources are @Wikinews @Reuters @Vicenews and @Independent


2.  Finance


Twitter is crawling with great financial news, information and advice.  Whether it is to check the status of a stock you’ve invested in, to search for investment advice from a qualified expert, or simply to check up on economic trends, Twitter can be used to meet your expectations.  As social media has been used more and more recently in expanding businesses, the amount of financial information located on Twitter is widespread and ever-growing.  Some good places to start are @DowJones @CNBC @Stocktwits @Dailyworth and @Earn

3.  Politics


With how great the presidential candidates are in 2016, I know just how interested everybody is in keeping up with their campaigns.  Twitter is a great place to stay current on politics, but it’s imperative that you beware of two things:  First, that Twitter trolls thrive on politics more than any other subculture on twitter.  And second, that political bias runs rampant.  Try to avoid mainstream news sources like CNN or Fox News.  Rather, independent news outlets and journalists are usually going to have the most unbiased material.

4.  Music


Online streaming has taken over the music community.  Buying a hard copy CD these days is about as rare as actually finding a vehicle that you could play it in.  Because of how easy and convenient it is for artists to share their music with the rest of the world, and because it’s free, there is an overflow of accessible music.  This makes actually searching through and staying up to date very hard for fans.  New singles and albums can easily slip through the cracks to the eyes of the consumer.  There are countless great accounts to be followed that can help fans of any genre stay up to date on news about their favorite artists and bands. Check out handles like @Billboard @ComplexMusic @RollingStone @HypeM @XXL and @ElliottWilson

5.  Sports


Despite the fact that the Watch ESPN app has made watching Sportscenter on the go easy and free, sometimes circumstances do not allow it.  Maybe you’re in a big business meeting or you’re sitting in class supposed to be taking notes, and you hear whispers around you about the big trade that went down, and you want more information.  Twitter is the place to go.  Sports news over the past five years or so has seemingly been exclusively breaking on Twitter.  Following a combination of athletes, executives, journalists, and news sources can fill your timeline with trade rumors, injuries, highlight clips, and record-breaking performances as they’re happening.  A few great sports follows on Twitter are @AdamSchefter @DarrenRovell @StephenASmith and @Shaq

6.  Food


One thing that everybody has in common: we all eat food.  As society becomes more conscious of eating healthy and taking in the right foods, following different food-related accounts could lead to new tastes and possibly even a healthier lifestyle.  One of the newest up and coming fads on social media are these quick-paced videos that shows usually some sort of hot plate and a “professional” chef crafting something crazy up during the 30 second video duration.  I for one have a very hard time scrolling past a 30 second tutorial of how to make buffalo chicken mozzarella sticks.  Some tasty twitter accounts are @Grubstreet @BonAppetit @FoodDotCom @HealthyEats and @DIYRecipes

7.  Celebrity/Gossip/Other


Let’s be honest.  Even if you work at the morgue, everyone has time for a little bit of self-indulgent nonsense.  And what’s a better way of getting your fix than following a bunch of rich celebrities who blow their money on whatever they want, do whatever they want, and do not care in the slightest about you or what you think of them?  Twitter is the place for foolish celebrity shenanigans.  Whether it’s scandalous video’s going viral, an accidental drunken tweet, or even the rare but hilarious celeb-fan interaction (the heated ones are always more fun), Twitter is the place to stay up on your favorite stars.

In Conclusion

At first glance, Twitter may seem overwhelming with content to a new user.  But if properly utilized, one can truly create an account with a defined focus based on the users they choose to follow which can expand that individual’s knowledge and information base beyond where it had already stood.  Information hits Twitter the moment it happens and can be a great way for a new user to broaden the social scope of both their professional and personal lives.

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