5 Ways to Ace an Interview


We all feel nervous when it comes to being interviewed for a job. We don’t know what to do, what to say or even how to act. I am here to tell you how to ace an interview. After reading these 5 points on how to successfully ace an interview, you’ll have confidence going into any interview. Every point plays a key aspect to acing the interview.

I can still remember my first professional interview. I didn’t know how to dress or present myself, what was going to be asked or what a professional job environment itself would be like. I went through the following 5 steps on how to ace an interview: mainly, I investigated the company and prepared for any questions that could be thrown at me. The big day came and I had my interview: I wore a shirt, tie, slacks, and dress shoes.

I walked in with a positive attitude and confidence as I greeted the managers with a firm but welcoming handshake. As the interview went on, they asked me questions about the company and thankfully I had done my research and was able to show a knowledge in their company, and by doing so, showed them my interest. I was prepared for the random questions they asked me and answered them with confidence; the most important part to me was that throughout the interview, I was myself. I just enjoyed the process and made it a learning experience. After the interview was over, the interviewers told me that they were very interested and happy to have me be part of their team. I thanked them properly and left knowing I had aced the interview.
1.) Don’t sabotage yourself out of the job

Let’s not let our emotions get in the way of acing an interview. Studies show that our emotions can get the best of us and backfire to where we talk ourselves out of the job. One can be too anxious, unavailable, apathetic, angry or arrogant to where it makes the interviewing board  think of you as unsuitable. So don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Also, try not to be distracted by the environment, for example, white noises such as the ventilation system, ringing of the phone, elevator ding, or other conversations in the area. Try to give your full undivided attention to the interviewer, so that they know you are focused and determined about the interview.


2.) A first impression is long lasting

Always put your best foot forward when meeting a hiring manager for the first time. I know it may seem like common sense, but hiring decisions are usually made within the first few minutes of the interview. So a good and strong first impression is a major key to success in acing an interview. You always want the hiring manager to like you once they meet you. Dress properly for the job in which you are interviewing for, but keep in mind, not all jobs require a suit and tie. Some companies won’t hire an individual if overdressed because the environment in which that company promotes is a more casual for everyday work attire, such as Google. Also have a welcoming smile and positive vibe. Don’t come off too aggressive or too intimidated. Just be yourself and show confidence and excitement  to be at the interview.

3.) Show interest and knowledge about the job

The most crucial parts of interviewing are convincing the hiring manager that you truly desire the job. Show them that you have the desire to work for their company. Do research on a company that you’re about to go in for an interview with. Ask knowledgeable questions about the company to show your interest. It will show that you came prepared, that you know what you want, and  make you stand out from other people being interviewed.


4.) Expect the unexpected

The key to success is being prepared for any questions; such as unexpected questions that seem impossible to answer or make you nervous to where you answer incorrectly. Never just answer a question asked by a hiring manager just to answer it. Always make sure your answer is thoughtful, instead of just answering to give an answer. Look up interviewing questions and prepare multiple answers so that you will be able to expect the unexpected and ace your interview.


5.) Don’t be someone you aren’t

The most important thing out of all this is to be yourself. Don’t try to be the person you think the job in which you’re interviewing for wants. Be the person you know who you are. Most hiring managers can tell when you are just saying things to impress them. The truth always brings you the farthest.

Don’t sabotage yourself at the interview: walk in with confidence and make a good first impression. Be knowledgeable about the company and show interest. Don’t let the unexpected make you nervous. Be prepared. Most of all be yourself. You will ace your interview.

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