5 Secrets You Don’t Know to Book CHEAP Airfare


Flying has become the most convenient and fastest way for long distance trips. Flight fare offered by airlines changes day-by-day. Flyers want the best offer. Passengers have their own psychological acceptance price, so the airlines use different strategies for different demands. I have compiled a list of five secrets you probably didn’t know about while booking tickets booking base on my personal experience.

  1. Sign up for free alerts.


Free alerts will appear on the top, side, or the bottom of the flight selling webpage. An example is, “20 dollars off if you book the tickets now. People often forget to use it. It is usually compatible with other coupons, which will be mentioned below, so don’t forget to type in the free code while you using other coupons.

  1. Buy your flight tickets two weeks before from your departure date.


Personally, I did an experiment. I wanted a ticket from Cleveland to Orlando. When I looked 40 days before the departure date, the cheapest ticket the website offered was $274. However, when I checked 2 weeks before departure, the price had dropped to $201.

  1. Use a different browser


Airlines and travel agency websites use Internet cookies to their advantage – and that is a huge disadvantage for the customer. The cookies collect your browsing history, and analyses your behavior during travel fare searching. Based on this data, the airlines’ ticket system might quote you a higher fare than what you may find acceptable.

(Have been using my Mac to check flight ticket and the cheapest is $114)


(Used Ipad and the same exact flight price dropped $2)


  1. Leave on a Wednesday

The lowest flight fare is departure on Wednesdays. The highest flight fare is on Sundays, which also applies for the day of return. Most people work on Wednesday, so passengers automatically avoid this day. For this reason, Wednesday has the lowest fare.

  1. Use a promo code

Simply search promo codes from different fare websites. Sometimes the promo code can combine with another and make a better deal. You’ll receive promo codes in your e-mail once you have signed up for e-mail from your favorite airlines and online travel agencies, because they are expecting  and hoping you to book directly from their websites.


In conclusion, airline companies try to trick you into paying the most that you’re willing to pay, which is the opposite of what you, the customer, wants. It is important for you to research the best deals that are out there. Hopefully, this listicle will help you book tickets in the future!

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